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Blossoms in breeze, WHU visitors greeted by spring’s sweet scents
Author:Zhao Yifan  Date:2019-04-12  Clicks:

At the corner of Plum Garden, deep green leaves set apart the elegance of plum blossom. Blooms such as the vivid pink cherry blossoms, fragrant magnolia and other unknown kinds are blooming in a riot of color in the spring sunshine, attracting  crowds of tourists each year in March. Lay photographers also gather here to  capture every glamourous instance of this natural spectacle.

  |Early cherry blossoms|

The newly planted red cherry tree yard

is a perfect place for a spring walk

Cherry blossoms, with their exquisitely beautiful petals, usually bloom between spring and summer. Their great charm arises from the white petals turning crimson and their golden stamens cluster like golden strings. Their tender faces rise with vigorous radiance.

These “spring fairies”, big and small, inhabit every branch of the cherry trees in WHU. Some remain half-asleep, while others have already come to life. Some shine brightly, while others are about to wither away.

Perhaps some cherry blossoms grow in a grove accompanied only by loneliness at a twilight state, noticed by none; Others still grow silently and elegantly in the hustle and bustle, gazing at those hurrying passers-by.

|Plum blossoms|

Full of lingering charm in her aroma, refined in shaking winter from her bones

The plum blossoms in Plum Garden emit an intense aroma, using their secret fragrance to invite the passing tourists to appreciate their beauty.

Surrounded by plum blossoms with their delicate fragrance, you can lighten your heart and refresh your mind with a deep breath. Bees, also attracted by the fragrance , buzz among the blooms.

The gentle breeze brings a ripple of pink snow flakes. Now dancing swiftly, then drifting slowly, they first blanket the path with their fair pink, only to soon follow their fate of nourishing another spring underground.  


Spring sunlight flows the branches by,

Magnolias unveils her smile so shy.

Glancing at magnolia reminds me of a gentle beauty from the southern region of the Yangtze River clad in a cheongsam . Strolling along the ancient alley, her white dress fails to cover her loneliness, yet the soft steps reveals her unique enchantment. The passing tourist may feel the tranquility and warmth brought by her mildness and fragrance even on a sunless day.

The blooming spectacle of various flowers makes a spring.

Welcome to WHU!

Rewritten by Zhang Yuting, edited by Zhang Shiqi, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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