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Promoting China-Pakistan law education cooperation under B&R Initiative
Author:Yuan Kang  Date:2019-11-04  Clicks:

Last October, the inaugural ceremony of the Center for Chinese Legal Study was held in Lahore, jointly organized by the School of Law of Wuhan University (WHU) and Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan. This center makes it its mission to serve the Belt and Road Initiative, build the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and promote China-Pakistan cooperation on legal education and legal research exchanges, marking another significant achievement of WHU to further deepen international exchanges and cooperation as well as serve the national strategy.                  

Speeches were delivered at the inaugural ceremony respectively by Li Fei, Vice President of WHU, Arshad Ahmad, Vice President of LUMS, Parvez Hassan, member of the Management Committee of LUMS, Syed Mansoor Ali Shah, justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Couse, and Professor Kamran Asdar Ali, executive dean of the Law School of LUMS.

Li Fei spoke highly of the time-honored friendship between China and Pakistan . As an important participant and active promoter, Wuhan University has always unswervingly fulfilled its responsibility and contribution to China-Pakistan education exchanges. With the accelerating construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor under the the Belt and Road Initiative, it is necessary to strengthen the exchanges of legal studies and practices between China and Pakistan. The discipline of law is the ace of WHU, and also the key discipline of the country's "double first-class" construction. Wuhan University and its Law School will fully support the construction of the Centre for Chinese Legal Study, and further deepen China-Pakistan cooperation on personnel training, academic research, legal practice and international exchanges. This Centre is expected to become an important link to promote China-Pakistan exchanges on law, and will witness and further fuel China-Pakistan friendship.

The establishment of the center has attracted extensive attention in Pakistan. More than 100 guests from Pakistan's legal and business circle and Chinese embassy to Pakistan, as well as Chinese diplomats in the Lahore consulate attended the ceremony. Besides, over 10 local media reported this event.

It is known that the cooperation between these two universities has a good foundation. The Research Institute of Environmental Law of WHU and the Law School of LUMS enjoy frequent cooperations in academic activities. In June 2018, WHU and LUMS signed a memorandum for in-depth cooperation, in which the establishment of the Centre for Chinese Legal Study is one of the most important  issues. To this end, the Law School of WHU has sent high-quality teachers to LUMS to deliver Chinese law courses. Professor Ben Boer, member of China’s Thousand Talents Program and specially-invited professor of WHU’s School of Law, Professor Xiang Yan, director of the Law Experimental Teaching Center, and Yuan Kang, associate Professor and associate dean of the Network Governance Institute, will teach Chinese Law Courses at LUMS for two weeks, aiming to provide a comprehensive introduction of Chinese legal culture and systems related to  corporation, finance, market regulation /(market supervision), foreign investment and environmental protection. The establishment of the center is a milestone at the 40th anniversary of the restoration of WHU’s law education.

Founded in 1985, LUMS is a private research-oriented university in Lahore, Pakistan's second largest city. It is one of the best universities in Pakistan. In the future, the two universities will carry out more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in student exchanges, personnel exchanges, and cooperative research via the platform of this Centre, and will further expand exchanges and cooperation in other disciplines along with Chinese law.

Rewritten by Wang Anqi, edited by Zhang Shiqi, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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