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Centrale Nantes delegation visits WHU
Author:Yu Jianan  Date:2019-11-08  Clicks:

On October 29, Vice President of Centrale Nantes Fouad Bennis visited Wuhan University (WHU). Miss Anne-Laure Frémondière (Manager of the Master Program) and Miss Li Chunlai (Chief Representative of China Office) are also among the delegation. Vice President of WHU Tang Qizhu warmly welcomed the delegation.

At 9 am, Tang Qizhu met with Professor Fouad Bennis at the reception hall of the Administrative Building. Professor Tang introduced the history of WHU and its friendly cooperation with elite universities in France. He expressed that “it is a new beginning for the partnership between WHU and Centrale Nantes”, hoping that the two universities could draw on each other’s first-class disciplines and promote closer and more extensive collaborations in the future.

Vice President Tang Qizhu (right) meets with Professor Fouad Bennis (left)

“This is my second visit to Wuhan University. We have made great progress in the field of engineering and I hope we can deepen our cooperation this year”, Professor Bennis said. He spoke highly of WHU’s contributions to the implementation of the “3+1+2 Master Program” over the past three years. Since Centrale Nantes recently joined the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees Programs, Professor Bennis hoped that WHU, as a participant of this program, would expand the cooperation with Centrale Nantes.

Vice President Tang presents a book of architectures in WHU to Professor Bennis

Later, a meeting on “3+1+2 Master Program” was held in the Office of International Affairs of WHU. Wang Dehua, Vice Dean of School of Resource and Environmental Sciences, together with three colleagues from School of Electronic Information, met with the delegation. The two sides exchanged views on issues such as program implementation and possibility of professor exchanges between two universities in the following years. In the end, Miss Anne-Laure Frémondière gave a presentation entitled “Research Intensive Institute of Technology”.

Miss Anne-Laure Frémondière introduces Centrale Nantes

Nantes, an important port city in western France, is where Centrale Nantes located in. The university’s history can be traced back to 1919. Wuhan University and Centrale Nantes established cooperative relationship in 2016 and have carried out “3+1+2 Master Program” in the fields of electronic information and environmental engineering.

Photo by Chen Wei & Yu Jianan

Edited by Zhou Siyan, Zou Xiaohan


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