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WHU Artificial Intelligence Research Institute unveiled
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On November 22, the launch of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Wuhan University took place as part of the Artificial Intelligence International Academic Seminar. Around 30 AI experts and scholars from universities at home and abroad as well as experts from Xiaomi Group, Zhongke Cambrian and Huawei gathered at Luojia Hill for dialogue and exchanges on the topic of AI.

Attendees of the conference included Ge Lin, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, Chen Jiangong, Deputy Director of the Information Office, Li Jize, Director of the Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau, academician Wu Jianping of Tsinghua University, academician Tao Dacheng of the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Zhang Chengqi, Vice Chancellor of the University of Technology, Sydney, Dr. Cui Baoqiu, Vice President of Xiaomi Group, Liu Guojun, General Manager of Wuhan headquarters, Chen Tianshi, CEO of Zhongke Cambrian Technology Co., LTD., and Si Yitao of Huawei Wuhan research institute. Academician Dou Xiankang, President of Wuhan University, vice president Wu Ping, academician Li Jiancheng, academician Liu Jingnan and other relevant functional departments and heads of Wuhan University also attended the event. The conference was presided over by Li Jiancheng.

Dou Xiankang thanked provincial and municipal governments, universities and enterprises for their support. He pointed out that the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute is an important move as it integrates superior resources from all fields of Wuhan University on the basis of existing talent and scientific research. Furthermore, the establishment of the institute is conducive to the constructive  exchange between AI researchers from different disciplines, as those researchers can complement each other through making concerted efforts, and overcoming arduous difficulties to promote the progress of the artificial intelligence discipline, thus driving the development of the discipline as it relates to different departments.

Dou Xiankang delivers a speech

Dou Xiankang pointed out that the priority should be given to the building and  training of a qualified talent team. He hopes that the institute can make continuous efforts to promote the development of artificial intelligence to a high level under the leadership of the Hubei and Wuhan governments and with the support of universities and enterprises,.

Li Jiancheng presides over the conference

Wu Jianping offered warm congratulations on the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Wuhan University. Wuhan University is a first-class comprehensive university in China, which offers a complete range of solidly founded disciplines.  This comprehensive advantage puts the university in a unique position for developing the field of artificial intelligence in a transdisciplinary manner. The support  pledged by government and enterprises, together with the joint efforts of teachers, students and staff will ensure that the institute will become a top AI academic research institution offering talent training and gathering highland, for audiences both at home and abroad.

Wu Jianping delivers a speech

Lv Jinhu, Dean of the School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA), pointed out that Wuhan University has a deep foundation on which the transdisciplinary development of artificial intelligence can be built. Through the cross-integration of disciplines, the institute will concentrate its advantages in human resources, further promote the integration of artificial intelligence with traditional disciplines, excavate and expand the field of artificial intelligence, and become the driving force for continuous innovation and development of Wuhan University.

Lu Jinhu delivers a speech

Dou Xiankang, Wu Jianping, Liu Jingnan, Ge Lin, Chen Jiangong and Li Jize jointly inaugurated the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Wuhan University. During the event, Wuhan University signed scientific research cooperation agreements with Xiaomi Technology Co., LTD. and Cambrian Technology Co., LTD.

The unveiling of the institute

Wuhan University signs an agreement with Xiaomi Technology Co., LTD.

Wuhan University signs an agreement with Cambrian Technology Co., LTD.

During the subsequent international symposium on artificial intelligence, Liu Jingnan and Tao Dacheng delivered a special lecture entitled “Frontiers of artificial intelligence research”. Following this, experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad discussed and exchanged ideas on topics such as “artificial intelligence in the post-deep learning era” and “cultivation of artificial intelligence talents”.

Academician Liu Jingnan delivers a special lecture

The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Wuhan University is a large-scale interdisciplinary research platform led by the School of Computer Science and jointly constructed by 17 units from the university. The institute will introduce and cultivate a batch of talents in the field of artificial intelligence research, carry out multi-level professional personnel training, promote the transformation of scientific research achievements and the application of technologies, thus becoming a platform for basic theory research of artificial intelligence, interdisciplinary application technology innovation, and academic exchanges among scholars in related fields, and serving the development of various disciplines, and scientific and technological innovation of Wuhan University.

Combining the disciplinary advantages of Wuhan University, the institute will take common challenges  identified by the various schools, integrate them into a scientific research system with the institute acting as platform.  It will simultaneously bring about school-enterprise cooperation, thus leading to high integration of industry, university education and research, with an emphasis on creation and high cross-fertilization, a through the establishment of a sound talent training system, flexible operation mechanisms, and advanced talent gathering so as to solve major basic theoretical problems and "bottleneck" technical problems of artificial intelligence, as well as cultivate the core competitiveness of artificial intelligence. The institute will further commit to the construction of the first-level artificial intelligence discipline, forming a complete artificial intelligence one package talent training system of for bachelor, master, and doctoral levels, promoting multidisciplinary development, enhancing the comprehensive strength of Wuhan University, and propelling the development of the artificial intelligence industry in Hubei province and Wuhan city.

Rewritten by: Wu Buer

Edited by: Cao Siyi, Shen Yuxi and Shi Weiya and Hu Sijia


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