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Latest updates on battle against NCP : Consolation from Kathmandu University
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On 13rd February, the delegation of Kathmandu University, Nepal, headed by its vice-chancellor, along with professors and students of Confucius Institute at the university, sent consolations to the people of Wuhan and China who are now fighting against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Dr. Ram, the vice-chancellor of Kathmandu University, said, “We are very sure that the public health system of China is strong enough to beat the coronavirus from the place where it is originated. Stay strong, Wuhan! Stay strong, China!”

Dr. Subodh, the ragistrar of Kathmandu University and the director of the Confucius Institute, said: “We are deeply concerned about the coronavirus in China. We hope that the Chinese people will develop more and more courage to face this disastrous situation. Stay strong, Wuhan! Stay strong, China!”

Dr. Bim, the assistant to the vice-chancellor of Kathmandu University, said, “I love China. Stay strong, Wuhan! Stay strong, China!”

Faculties and students from the Confucius Institute also sent their best wishes: “Stay strong, China! Stay strong, Wuhan! We are with you!”

At the end of 2017, the WHU delegation led by Li Fei, the vice president of Wuhan University visited Kathmandu University and reached a school-level cooperation agreement to jointly build an international platform for teaching and research cooperation. Frequent professor exchanges in different fields have been conducted between the two universities in a variety of ways such as academic lectures and short courses. Since 2018, School of Health Sciences, Wuhan University has recruited two doctoral students and one master student from Kathmandu University, and has sent undergraduate and graduate students to Kathmandu University for internships and scientific research. In addition, two universities have also promoted a number of exchange visits and project cooperation in hydropower.

Rewritten by: Liu Tongxu

Edited by: Cao Siyi, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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