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Luojia, we are back!
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On June 8, Luojia Hill came back to life as its graduating children returned to her arms.  

Early in the morning, Secretary Han Jin of the CPC Wuhan University Committee, President Dou Xiankang and Vice Secretary Qu Wenqian were busy at the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Faculty of Information to ensure that all was in good order for the students to return.


This year’s graduates were permitted to return to campus either in batch one (June 8 to 11) or batch two (June 14 to 17), following submission of a health certificate. Wuhan University has thoughtfully prepared a health pack with some basic medical materials for epidemic prevention for every graduate.

The returning graduates were allowed to enter campus through one of two gates, where they were expected to line up for luggage disinfection and identity verification. Then, after scanning a QR code to verify their health condition, they could finally enter a channel for temperature measurement.

Secretary Han and President Dou were also on the spot to make sure that everything was done to the students’ satisfaction as they came back to school. At the entrance, Han and Dou greeted a student with a suitcase.

His name is Lu Yan, a master graduate and the monitor of Class 2 of the School of Physics and Technology. Lu lives in Wuhan, and chose to return to campus in the first batch because he needs to pack up his roommates’ belongings. He said, “Although the pandemic makes graduation season a little regretful, we are looking forward to another reunion next year.”


Students with negative nucleic acid test results can return to their respective dormitories by school bus or on foot. The 29 school buses are fully disinfected after each ride, and buses are equipped with extra disinfection and a security officer. Students are required to scan a code before getting on a bus and seats are sufficiently spaced. Only 10 people are allowed on each ride.

In addition, the university offers nucleic acid and antibody tests for students who have not been tested before. While awaiting their test results, students are accommodated in makeshift observation points. If their tests are negative, they can return to their dormitories.

When arriving at the dormitories, students present their campus cards or student ID cards, scan their codes and receive a temperature measurement. Cleaners and counselors have carefully cleaned and fully disinfected every dormitory. They have also opened windows to let in fresh air. Air conditioners in the rooms and communal washing machines in the buildings have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and a hand sanitizer is provided for each dormitory.


Five months after her departure, Dang Jiajia, a graduate of the 2015 preventive medicine major of the School of Health Sciences, returns to her dormitory in the Faculty of Medicine. Shortly after her arrival, staff of the school come to visit her and help her deal with any difficulties.


In the morning, the Hongyi Honor College welcomes the first returning student—Peng Yutian from the 2016 Physics Class. The college has prepared a special photo point for students to leave their most beautiful memory.

Hou Menglun from the School of History says that she finally returns to the campus after 148 days’ waiting. She enters the campus from the West Gate, walks past Zall Stadium, Zhenhua Building, Ziqiang Road and the library, and then goes to her dormitory. She receives a warm reception from teachers and staff along the way, and slogans all around the campus make her feel the atmosphere of the graduation season. Hu Chenxi from the School of Electrical Engineering and Automation says she is excited and moved to return to the campus and see teachers, friends and classmates. There are many regrets in this special graduation season, but there are more touching and unforgettable experiences.


In the morning, PhD student Dai Wenxia, the first graduate of the State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing (LIESMARS) returns to the campus. She is lucky as all the professors happen to have a meeting, and give her a warm welcome.


Graduates from the School of Arts wearing academic gown and receiving turning of the tassel


Graduates from the School of Law wearing academic gown and taking selfies


Yang Yang from the School of Information Management taking photos with her diploma and graduate certificate


graduates from the School of Physics and Technology


Graduates from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences throwing their mortar boards

Graduates going through the formalities in an orderly fashion

Contactless submission of theses

Graduates dining in the canteen

Written by: Fu Xiaoge

Rewritten by: Liu Xinfan

Edited by: Cao Siyi, Shen Yuxi, Sylvia & Hu Sijia


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