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A mysterious student donor of WHU: I want to do something to help
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Recently, “Weiai Luojia”, a non-profit foundation of Wuhan University (WHU), received a 10,000-yuan donation from an anonymous mystery man, whose name was not revealed until the staff in the Education Development Foundation of WHU got the clue from the transfer accounts list provided by the bank.

He is Deng Longzhen, a 2020 graduate student from the School of Economics and Management. In fact, it is the second time that Deng has donated money to “Weiai Luojia”, a small-scale non-profit foundation co-founded in 2015 by the Alumni Association of WHU, the Education Development Foundation of WHU and the Youth Volunteer Association of WHU in 2015, which aims at subsidizing students from families experiencing financial difficulties.

Last year, Deng donated his scholarship, also 10,000 yuan, to “Weiai Luojia” without leaving his name. He expressed that the spirit this foundation advocates agrees with his own belief that one should help those in need within one’s scope. Therefore, when he was still a freshman, he became a volunteer in the charitable running activity held by “Weiai Luojia” in 2017 and decided to donate his scholarship to this reliable foundation as soon as he received the money.

Deng Longzhen donates his scholarship to “Minor Love Luojia”

“I just want to do something to help,” Deng said. When the COVID-19 epidemic struck Wuhan, he also donated 2,000 yuan to the Education Development Foundation of WHU and the Shenzhen Alumni Association of WHU respectively to relieve the financial and material stress faced by Wuhan people.

However, what has been offered by him in the past four years in WHU was way more than just financial donations. The record of his volunteer services is impressive. For example, he served as the leader of a volunteer team in the International Broadcast Center in the 7th CISM Military World Games, which were held in Wuhan last year. What’s more, after the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, Deng signed up as one of the volunteers to provide online tutoring and help to ease the mental stress caused by the pandemic for children of the medical staff fighting against the virus on the frontline.

Deng Longzhen volunteers during the 7th CISM Military World Games

To offer a hand to needy people is the value Deng inherited from his parents, who always taught him to spend money on the right things and to help others as much as possible. He does as his parents told him and carries the spirit out remarkably. Seeing that a frontline medical worker wrote the comforting words on her protective clothing to encourage her child to stay calm and study hard, he felt that he was doing the right thing. “As a student, though we are not able to make great contributions like those medical staff, we still have many chances to help,” he said. According to him, there is no difference among contributions as long as help is offered. Thus when the students whom he was responsible for encountered any problems or had worries about their studies being affected by the epidemic, Deng tried his best to reassure them and provide guidance on their studies.

Deng Longzhen provides online tutoring for children of the frontline medical staff

Apart from being active in volunteer services, Deng is also excellent in his academic performance. This year, he has entered the list of the Top Ten Outstanding Students of WHU. Bold in thinking and active in action, Deng stated, is the secret of balancing volunteer activities with study. And doing something to help others is the tenet he has been carrying out and will continue to do.

Photo by Deng Longzhen

Edited byWei Yena, Geng Jinwei


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