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Academician Xia Jun elected as thechairman of the ninth China National Committee for IUGG
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On July 7, CAS Academician Xia Jun, professor from the School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering of Wuhan University, was elected as chairman of the ninth China National Committee for International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (CNC-IUGG).

CAS Academician Yang Yuanxi, chairman of the eighth CNC-IUGG presided over the conference. Members of the advisory group of the ninth CNC-IUGG attended the meeting, including CAS Academician Chen Yuntai, CAS Academician Wu Guoxiong and CAS Academician Lv Daren. Chairmen and secretary generals from the sub-committees of IUGG, the deputy director Wang Qinglin of the International Liaison Department of China Association of Science and Technology, the dean Yan Qin and the deputy director Zang Yi of Chinese Academy of Surveying & Mapping, the chairman Yu Xiancheng and the secretary general Zhang Quande of GNSS & LBS Association of China were also present.

It is reported that the members of the standing committee of the ninth CNC-IUGG are made up of the previous chairman Academician Yang Yuanxi, the current chairman Academician Xia Jun, the vice-chairman Academician Xu Yigang, Professor Li Jianping and the secretary general Professor Dang Yamin.

Academician Xia Jun expressed that with the support of the Secretariat and the sub-committees, he would continue making the CNC-IUGG and its sub-committees fully play their roles in promoting the academic exchanges at home and abroad under the guidance of China Association of Science and Technology and the advisory group so as to enhance the international influence of China in the field of geo-science.

IUGG is one of the international unions that enjoys worldwide reputations in the geo-science field, covering the disciplines such as atmosphere sciences, hydrology, physical oceanography, geodetic surveying, solid earth science, volcanology and chemistry of the Earth’s interior, space and planets, cryospheric sciences and so on. China is one of the important participating nations of IUGG. Affiliated to China Association of Science and Technology, CNC-IUGG aims at promoting the exchanges and cooperation between China and other related international scientific groups and organizations and expanding the influence of China’s geo-science studies. For a long time, scientists in China have made impressive contributions to the advancement of global changes by actively taking part in essential programs concerning global geo-science and sustainable development.They also participatein significant international academic activities such as those held by IUGG. Academician Xia Jun’s being elected as a member of IUGG and its executive board member on its 27th assembly in July, 2019 demonstrated the important position of China in the geo-science field throughout the world.

Rewritten by Yu Jianan

Edited by Wei Yena,  Li Yushan and Hu Sijia

Source: https://news.whu.edu.cn/info/1002/61109.htm


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