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“Welcome Back!”: WHU embraces its students again after eight months
Author:Pan Jiachang  Date:2020-09-05  Clicks:

“Having been waiting for 226 days, we’re finally back!”

At 8 o’clock on August 24th, with warm applause from students, Professor Shi Ying started a college physics lecture in Room 101, No.4 Teaching Building.

Professor Shi prepared a lot for the first in-person lecture. “It’s not easy to restart in-person instruction. I am so glad to see students sitting in front of me again,” he said.

Students wearing masks during lectures

After a semester’s online education due to the COVID-19, WHU restarted its face-to-face class on August 24th. Over nine thousand students came back to make up for missed courses. WHU administrators, including President Dou Xiankang, appeared at teaching buildings to welcome students.


Students raising the national flag on campus at 6:50 am

Students and professors are excited about campus re-opening. While it is somewhat weird wearing masks while keeping social distance in class, taking courses in person is way much refreshing. “Everyone is touched seeing professors and classrooms again. I feel empowered since Wuhan people have fought so hard with the virus that we can now return to campus and have classes in person”, said Lin Minghui, an undergraduate from School of Printing and Packaging.

Zhou Jie is a nursing student from School of Health Sciences. Her first day of returning was in the Department of Hematology, Zhongnan Hospital of WHU. She said that it seemed nothing changed with the environment, but people will always remember the faith and strength from the national war with the great pandemic. “Next year, I will become a nurse. I will take over the baton of my predecessors and use the knowledge I have learned to contribute to the protection of people’s health.”


Students having practical training

Huang Minjie, a sophomore fromEconomics and Management School, said that seeing the vibrant crowd, she was extremely emotional. “I cannot help crying and want to embrace every long-lost classmate and teacher.”

Libraries also reopen. During the summer vacation, the staff has made preparations, disinfecting public spaces and service facilities and equipment, and sterilizing borrowed and returned books. After the school reopens, the library will continue to follow the temperature measurement and mask requirement policy.


WHU reopening its libraries

Like what the library does, WHU will implement strict anti-epidemic policies, including the regular disinfection, masks requirements, and social distance. “I feel safe on campus, seeing strict anti-epidemic measures. WHU distributes a package of sanitation supplies to each of the students. “That’s so sweet”, shared by Lin Yiran, a student from School of Political Science and Public Administration.”


Masks and social distance required during class

Many students returning in August are STEM majors who continue their experiments and practical training absent last semester. The formal reopening will be on September 5th when all students and faculties restart in-person instruction.

Wuhan, the once hard-hit city, has recovered. And WHU, named by the city, witnesses its success in fighting against the COVID-19. WHU’s reopening symbolizes another achievement of Chinese people’s firm determination and abilities to ride out the difficulties with COVID-19.

Photo by Wuhan Evening News, WHU Library and Jin Xin

Edited by Qin Zehao, Luo Yuanyuan, Sylvia and Hu Sijia

Source: https://news.whu.edu.cn/info/1002/61366.htm;






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