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WHUers win grand prize in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Challenge
Author:Zhang Min, Gong Yiwei & Yu Zhitao  Date:2020-09-17  Clicks:

The final of the 10th Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Challenge was recently held in Luoyang, Henan province. 65,119 teams, comprising nearly 330,000 teachers and students, participated in this competition. After several rounds of selection, 167 teams entered into the finals. From among them, Wujin Yinghua, a team from Wuhan University, won the Grand Prize and the Best Innovation Award. Professor Zhang Min, the adviser of the project, won the Best Adviser Award. Wuhan University received the Outstanding Organization Award.

The team was composed of five students from the School of Information Management. To express their sincere gratitude, the team designed an online platform providing targeted tour services in Hubei province for the medical personnel who had provided medical support to Hubei province during its most critical period in combating COVID-19.

The project focuses on major tourist attractions in Wuhan city and extends to the broader tourism market in Hubei province. By providing interactive services based on augmented reality and business intelligence services combined with e-commerce, it is committed to building an improved tourism industry specifically for the medical personnel and their relatives while simultaneously reinvigorating the local market after the pandemic. The project represents a breakthrough and innovation of the current medical tourism model. It offers great promise in its further application in e-commerce plus combating COVID-19. As it boasts wholesome significance for the entire society, it has earned extensive praise from experts, and hence multiple governmental organizations and investment institutions have extended olive branches to the project.


Another team from WHU named E-commerce and its five admirers won the third prize in the challenge. Its project Viewstorydigital based immersive interactive tourism projects aims at establishing a platform that integrates online and offline tourism services. Supported by AR and VR technology, the project enables users to experience immersive tours at home. It integrates discrete information, adds three-dimensional experience with interactive functionality, so as to provide personalized tourism services in the context of COVID-19. Meanwhile, it supports numerous services such as targeted routine planning, online group tours, online shopping, photography service, AR tour guide, as well as real-time crowd monitoring. It meets the traveling demand in the context of this specific period. At this moment several travel websites have extended their readiness to cooperate.

Source: https://news.whu.edu.cn/info/1002/61431.htm

Rewritten by Jiang Chiheng

Edited by Yu Jianan, Li Yushan


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