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The Night of Mount Luojia
Author:Wu Qianqian  Date:2020-11-18  Clicks:

As the late autumn is replaced by the early winter, night reigns longer. After finishing evening classes, students of WHU hurry along the road to their dormitories alone or in groups, perhaps none of whom pays attention to rays of light by their side. At the end of a day, there are always beams of light embracing WHU. With the hope that every special night of Mount Luojia could be fully enjoyed by all, different beams of light in WHU, that may be ignored usually, will be presented.

The moon-like lamp is on the second floor of School of Computer Science, whose dim light makes the night of WHU more tranquil.

A movie will be put on show on Meiyuan Playground of WHU.


As night falls, a group of students are playing basketball in the court of Meiyuan.

On the Luojia Square of WHU, an experimental greenhouse is lit by orange light as if it is waiting for the students.


Along the road of Mount Cechuan stands still a laboratory. Beside the laboratory is Moon Lake, on which the bright light casts a shadow.

On the Meiyuan Playground is holding Golden Autumn Chorus——an art feast held annually. Enthusiastic students are singing whole-heartedly to win a prize for their class.


The stage of Golden Autumn Chorus immerses students in lights and shadows, all of whom are bursting with vitality in this dynamic campus.

On the tennis court of Guiyuan, students are exercising in pairs by starlight.


On a path to Lakeside Dormitory and Butterfly Building stands a streetlight which emits dim light, illuminating the way “home”.

Rewritten by Wu Xingwen

Edited by Yin Xiaoxue and Hu Sijia


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