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The white campus embraced by snow
Author:Zhang Qiru  Date:2021-01-01  Clicks:

At the end of 2018, Wuhan city has met a feast of snowy scenery, which revealed a symbol of auspiciousness. When snows fell and embraced the land, our campus turned to be a snowy world of pureness and whiteness, displaying more charms in the cold winter.

As the new year of 2021 is approaching, a heavy snow arrives as expected, bringing out a new sight of the campus. After going through a hard time of 2020, it is especially in need of such a surprise to wash away all misfortunes and calamities. The snow, like a courier from the sky, embraces Wuhan city again to bless a happy and healthy new year.

(A set of picture of snowy WHU campus)

Photoed by: Zhang Qiru

Rewritten by: Zhu Tong

Edited by: Li Yushan and Hu Sijia


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