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Life at WHU: A whole new experience
Author:Zeng Yi  Date:2021-01-11  Clicks:

The year 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, especially for Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province. In response to the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the city was locked down for over three months. It is also in this year that I finished my undergraduate study. After graduation, my fellow classmates went their separate ways, scattering all over the world like dotted stars, while I still chose to stay in Wuhan and would embark on a new journey to Wuhan University to pursue my postgraduate study. Every decision erects a great influence on our life, which I was fully aware of, and with another three years to go, my mind was unswerving.

I still remember the day when we lined up for enrollment at the entrance of the university gate. Everyone with their certificates of admission showed a health QR code to security men. Wearing a mask and keeping distances, I looked far into the vast expanse of the university gleaming gold in the shine of the rising sun. For me personally, the moment was beyond words. Since I was trapped in Wuhan during the most trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I knew clearly what the city had gone through and how much price tens of thousands of people had paid so that we could eventually meet here as scheduled. The infusion of new blood will certainly bring new strengths to the city and to this university. In the future, it is us who will stand together to protect Wuhan and it is us who will represent Wuhan University.

My classmates and I at the opening ceremony for postgraduate students of 2020

The very first month beginning in Autumn passed by in a blink. I relished palatable foods in different cafeterias, got acquainted with the shortest paths to classrooms, and explored bountiful book collections in libraries. The rippling East Lake elegantly winds along the Luojia Mountain. The well-known “Cherry Blossom Castle” and all those antique-flavored buildings hidden by intertwined vines records the history of the university. I was stunned by the university’s amiable environment as well as advanced facilities and just cannot wait to leave my own mark here.

Notwithstanding, as acculturation is a process we have to get through every time we enter a new environment, the inception is always the hardest, when I find my absorption in studies becomes more pressing compared with that in the past. But fortunately, my supervisor and classmates are so kind that they are willing to answer every question I ask and ready to help me out if there is something wrong, both in studies and in life. We discuss issues we care about together and exchange our ideas from distinctive angles. I have come to realize that learning knowledge and having independent thinking are real blasts for me. One of my senior fellow students once advised me to think over what I longed for, and force myself to go a little bit deeper in my interest every week, which really enlightened me at the moment.

Sunshine in the Guiyuan Playground

After incessant raining days, the university is tinged yellow by light filtered through clouds. Sometimes I carry a book out under the osmanthus trees to enjoy the sunbath. In the dappled shade, you could see the trees sway languidly in the soft breeze wafting sweet scents of flowers. I gradually adapt to the busy but fulfilling life at Wuhan University and find inner peace in my mind. I not only include jogging exercises as a regular part of my fitness routine, but also actively participate in various extracurricular activities. In order to provide a platform for group reading, my college holds the “Yinghua Book Club” every few weeks and I play the role of one of the organizers. I even pick up my interest in dancing again by joining the “Postgraduate Group Dancing Contest”, whereby I derived companionship and joyful experiences.

The Yinghua Book Club & The Postgraduate Group Dancing Contest

Since I have already had the privilege to study at one of the most prestigious universities in China, my top priority now is to consider what I need to do next to make a difference. As an old saying goes, a tree has to strike a firm root before it can flourish. Three years’ postgraduate time will be a precious opportunity for me to calm down and reflect on my future career. I sincerely look forward to spending a good time here!

Photo by Yuan Rongze

Edited by Zhang Yilin and Hu Sijia

(a winning entry from "Impressive Luojia: the first graphic and English text collection activity of WHU")


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