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PRC’s Ministry of Education delivers “Study Abroad Safely” pre-departure training at WHU
Author:Wei Yena  Date:2021-07-21  Clicks:

On July 8, the PRC’s Ministry of Education delivered a pre-departure training at WHU entitled ‘Study Abroad Safely’ aimed at students scheduled to head abroad soon.. Sponsored by the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of PRC Ministry of Education, organized by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE), co-organized by WHU and delivered in the lecture hall of WHU’s Dangdai Building, the training attracted the participation of nearly 300 teachers and students planning on going abroad in the near future via online or offline means.

Gui Ling, Deputy Director of WHU’s Office of International Affairs, hosting the training

Chen Ruyan, a member of the Center for Consular Assistance and Protection of the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on the existing potential security risks overseas and reminded students to remain alert at all times and seek the help of embassies and consulates whenever necessary.

Chen Ruyan introducing the potential risks and ways of seeking protection

Prof. Cao Yuping, an expert in the provision of psychological services for studying abroad safely at the PRC Ministry of Education and the National Psychiatric Clinical Research Center of Central South University, introduced the four stages of psychological adaptation during study abroad, the prevention and identification of common psychological states of international students, and explained the practical methods of relieving pressure and negative emotions during their stay abroad.

Prof. Cao Yuping giving a lecture on acculturation and adaptation to overseas life

Chen Tianyu and Liu Shuaibo, who are professional instructors from Beijing DeWe Security Service Co., Ltd. provided theoretical guidance from the perspective of personal safety and property safety protection, including safety awareness, safety defense skills and emergency response. Through demonstration and interaction with the audience, they simulated the scenes of theft, terrorism, robbery and other emergencies to better explain practical personal protection and defense skills.

Chen Tianyu inviting student to interact for demonstration

Prof. Zhu Junyong from the School of Health Sciences of WHU gave a special lecture on sexual health. Starting with the basic concepts of sexual physiological structures, he advocated students to master scientific sexual knowledge, establish good sexual morality and adopt proper and healthy sexual behavior. He suggested that students first familiarize themselves with the local social culture and customs, safeguard their own rights and interests, and learn to protect their own safety.

Prof. Zhu Junyong giving a lecture on sexual health

The “Study Abroad Safely” training aims to further improve study abroad services in the context of normalized epidemic prevention and control, and enhance the safety awareness and adaptability of teachers and students overseas. This type of training has been carried out in WHU more than ten times, and widely praised by attendees.

Edited by Qin Zehao,

Photo by Zhao Yifan


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