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WHU Official English Website Recruitment Notice
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The Wuhan University Student English Correspondent Group is the only student cultural group that formally represents Wuhan University in English news writing, translation and foreign affairs activities. Under the guidance of Wuhan University's Office of International Affairs, the Student English Correspondent Group actively promotes the university's English website, image promotion and overseas exchange activities. Its members include undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students from different majors and countries.

Here you will find an environment with an international perspective and access to unique training opportunities in news writing, language skills, photography techniques and cross-cultural communication. You will also have the opportunity to participate in WHU international affairs events and gain priority consideration for international exchange.

If you want to become a journalist, photojournalist or designer, please send your CV (indicating your intended position and language proficiency) and samples that represent your best work as related to any of the advertised positions to wdywjzt@163.com by 25 September. Don’t forget to name your email in “Application Position + Name + College + Major + Tel”. We look forward to your submission! Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact Ms. Qin (TEL: 15527168268) or Ms. Yin (TEL: 13279389587).

Those who pass the resume screening will be informed to take a written examination and interview. The time and place of the written examination and interview will be confirmed later.

Posts and expected number of recruits:

Journalists: 5-6

Job description:

1. Responsible for news planning of exciting activities on and off campus.

2. Interview, report and compile hot news.


1. Excellent listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English.

2. Ability to discover and continuously follow up on news events or activities on campus.

3. Internship experience in the news media or related associations is preferred.

Copy/text editors: 3-4

Job description:

1. Responsible for news topic planning and editing.

2. Revise and proofread articles drafted by the news and translation groups.


1. Good writing skills and editorial abilities, English major preferred.

2. Adept at media editing and corresponding skills.

3. Prepared to work overtime and deal with unscheduled arrangements if the need arises.

4. Those who have relevant practice experience are preferred.

English translators: 2-3

Job description:

1. Responsible for the translation of news articles and official international promotional and publicity pieces produced by WHU.

2. Reception of foreign guests and related interpretation/translation work.


1. A passion for English translation and interpretation as a career, the ability to write and speak English fluently, work carefully and rigorously, and a strong sense of responsibility and punctuality.

2. Experience in translation or editing in a translation company or position is preferred.

3. Proficient in using office software, such as Microsoft Office. Those who are good at translating/interpreting from Chinese to English are preferred.

Photojournalists: 2

Job description:

1. Responsible for taking news pictures.

2. Complete photojournalism independently or cooperatively.


1. Passion for photojournalism, great news sensitivity and accurate understanding of news.

2. Professional expression ability of images, with a certain number of excellent photographic works.

3. Skilled in using various types of photographic equipment and image processing software, preferably having the ability to make videos and use video editing software.

4. Those who have relevant practice, internship or community experience, or in-depth picture discovery and execution ability are preferred.

* There is no language ability nor written examination required for this position. Please send at least ten of your own photographs with your resume. The subject matter of your work is not limited, though photography of people and landscapes is preferred.

Art editors: 3

Job description:

1. Design posters, greeting cards, logos and other related products.

2. Responsible for website layout design, picture modification and PPT production.


1. Ability to process images and typeset.

2. Be thoughtful and responsible.

3. Those who have relevant practice, internship or community experience are preferred.

* There is no language ability nor written examination required for this position. Please send at least three personal design works with your resume - content and style are not limited.

Website operators: 3

Job description:

1. Design new data visualization, which is a brand-new creative form of news.

2. Track and update important information on the English website in a timely manner, and cooperate in website construction.

3. Assist in website revision and innovation.

4. Manage the information of manuscripts and group members.


1. English language proficiency.

2. Strong aesthetic ability.

3. Sensitive to campus dynamics and hot spots.

4. Careful and responsible.



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