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WHU and UoD holds online meeting on cooperative double degree program
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On November 24, Wuhan University and the University of Dundee held an online meeting to review their cooperative double degree program in architectural studies. Prof. Tang Qizhu, vice president of Wuhan University, attended the meeting. Officials from the School of Urban Design and the Office of International Affairs also participated in the meeting.


Group Photo of the Meeting

Prof. Tang pointed out that it was the efforts of both sides that had contributed to the eight years of consistent development of the program. Even throughout the challenging situations during the COVID-19 pandemic, the two universities have continued to maintain close contact and worked together across time and space to explore new and effective teaching modes. Tang hoped that the two universities would educate more high-level talents with a global vision and extend the program model in the future.


Tang Qizhu at the meeting

Wendy Alexander, vice principal of the University of Dundee, delivered her gratitude to the board, staff and students of WHU for their support and understanding. She was delighted to see that the program had newly enrolled 38 students this year and 10 students had been sent to study at the University of Dundee. She was deeply impressed by the photographs of the new building of the School of Urban Design and said that the University of Dundee would always be willing to provide more sophisticated teaching resources to strengthen the partnership with WHU.

In the following sessions, the two universities discussed and agreed upon a number of matters related to student enrollment, school fees, scholarships, and teacher training projects.  


The meeting venue in WHU

In 2013, Wuhan University and the University of Dundee set up the Sino-British double degree program, which remains the first and the only program for undergraduate students of its kind. This July, the two universities applied to the Ministry of Education to continue this program and agreed to extend their cooperation in scientific research, graduate student education and other areas.

Photo by Lin Yangjie

Edited by Zheng Zicheng, Qin Zehao, Zhang Yilin Sylvia and Hu Sijia


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