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WHU and DKU deepen all-round cooperation
Author:Liu Xiaoli & Guo Dian  Date:2021-12-13  Clicks:

On October 19, Feng Youmei, the president of Duke Kunshan University (DKU), visited the first batch of exchange students from Wuhan University (WHU).  . Since the Ministry of Education of China (MOE) approved the establishment of DCU in August 2012, WHU, as one of the parent universities for this cooperative education project, has actively implemented cooperative education and supported the construction of DKU, continuously achieving milestones.

In April 2019, Chen Baosheng, then Minister of Education, met with representatives of the parties involved in the operation of the cooperative university. Before the meeting, the presidents of WHU, Duke University (Duke) and DKU held a formal discussion on deepening tripartite cooperation, where Dou Xiankang, president of WHU, said that Wuhan University would continue to invest in dual employment of teachers, joint training of graduate students, and bilateral exchanges between teachers and students, and work together to promote the continuous development of Duke Kunshan University.


Chen Baosheng, former Minister of Education, meeting representatives of relevant parties of cooperative education in April 2019

Over the past three years, WHU has continued to promote comprehensive cooperation with DKU, and sought to complement the international development of WHU through cooperation to achieve mutual conversion and a win-win situation. At present, the comprehensive cooperation between the two universities in the joint training of international talents, international scientific research cooperation, exchange of management personnel and other fields is continuously deepening.

Since 2019, the Office of International Affairs of WHU has actively coordinated the Human Resources Department, the Office of Scientific Research and Development, the Graduate School and other departments of WHU to implement the initiative of WHU and DKU to jointly cultivate high-level talents. At present, the two universities have signed the Agreement on Joint Training of Post-Doctors between Wuhan University and Duke Kunshan University, and established the DKU Innovation Base of WHU Postdoctoral Mobile Station. In 2020, the two universities launched a joint postgraduate training project. To date, three teachers from DKU have jointly cultivated 14 doctoral and graduate students in WHU. In June 2021, the Office of International Affairs of WHU and the Undergraduate School of DKU reached and signed an agreement on a tuition-free exchange program for undergraduate students from both universities in October. This is the first free-tuition undergraduate exchange with DKU, and the first domestic exchange program implemented by DKU since its official launch of undergraduate program enrollment in 2018.


Feng Youmei, President of DKU, meeting with exchange students from WHU in October 2021

As the first doctoral student from WHU to participate in the joint training program between the two universities, Pan Yueran, a second-year Ph.D. student majoring in computer science, said, “I have benefited a lot from the opportunity to participate in the joint doctoral training program, and I have learned that scientific research is not only to get down to doing research, but also to go out and present it in an appropriate way. I learned that scientific research is not only theoretical research in no man’s land, but also the practical research that can serve the society.”

Zhang Yinan, a student of Hongyi Honor College who participated in the undergraduate semester exchange program, said, “The most profound experience is the emphasis on learning autonomy in the teaching system.”

In addition, the cooperation between the School of Public Health of WHU and DKU has formed a platform for many scholars to further engage in global health governance. In addition, Professor Li Chun from the School of Electronic Information, Professor Yang Zhijian and Professor Lv Qiliang from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Professor Li Chun from the College of Chinese Language and Literature have close academic ties with scholars from DKU and Duke, and have produced a number of international academic results.


Yan Lijing, Professor of DKU, employed as an adjunct professor of the School of Public Health of WHU

In the past three years, DKU has organized several research groups to visit WHU to study the management model of DKU, covering personnel management, research management, undergraduate and graduate teaching management, financial management, auditing, laboratory equipment management, bidding management and many other fields. The process of exchanging management experience between the two universities is not only to meet a practical need to help DKU overcome problems in the initial development and construction phase, but also a mutual integration of Chinese and foreign management cultures, which helps expand the international vision of our management team.

In the journey of the new era, the comprehensive cooperation between WHU and DKU continues to unfold new chapters.

Rewritten by Wang Zihao

Edited by Li Hefeng, Qin ZehaoYin Xiaoxue, Sylvia and Hu Sijia

Source: http://news.whu.edu.cn/info/1004/65683.htm


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