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WHU alumni at Beijing Winter Olympics
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Breathtaking and moving, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics has made the world witness the unique romance of the Chinese. Wu Dajing, Su Yiming, Ren Ziwei, Gu Ailing and other Olympic athletes competed, winning gold and silver, bringing a visual feast and sporting passion to hundreds of millions of viewers. Behind these visible splendors are countless little-known dedications. In Wuhan, more than 1,000 kilometers away from Beijing, there is a university where teachers and alumni joined forces to contribute to the Winter Olympics, leaving their own Winter Olympics stories in various locations and positions. This university is Wuhan University.

WHU alumnus Lei Jun serves as the 90th torchbearer

Lei Jun carrying the torch

Lei Jun, born in December 1969, is the executive vice director of the WHU Alumni Entrepreneurs Association, the chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Corporation, the chairman of three listed companies including Kingsoft, YY, and Cheetah Mobile, and a famous angel investor in mainland China. As China’s Internet representative and global e-commerce innovation leader of the year, he has won various honors at home and abroad, such as the China Economic Person of the Year, Top Ten Financial Intelligence Leaders, and China Internet Person of the Year, and was elected by Forbes(Asian Edition) Business People of the Year in 2014.

On the morning of February 4, Lei Jun completed the 90th torch relay at the Summer Palace. According to the 24 Solar Terms of the Chinese Lunar calendar, that day was the ‘Beginning of Spring’, a day symbolizing a fresh beginning. Participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics’ fire relay as a torchbearer, Lei said, “When I held up the Olympic torch, I felt like I was holding burning dreams, confidence, and expectations for a bright future. To be the torchbearer of the Beijing Winter Olympics is a lifetime honor I will never forget.”

WHU alumnus Tong Zhaohui serves as the 127th torchbearer

Tong Zhaohui holding the torch

The 127th 100-meter torch relay was completed in the Olympic Forest Park by Tong Zhaohui, who was born in 1965 and graduated from Wuhan University Medical School in 1988.

Currently, Tong Zhaohui is the vice president of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, a member of the emergency expert group of China’s Ministry of Health, an expert of the COVID-19 Medical Treatment Team of the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, and the director of the Beijing Institute of Respiratory Diseases. He has won the National May 1 Labor Medal, the National Model Worker of the National Health System, the National Role Model in the Country’s Fight against COVID-19, and the 12th Chinese Physician Award. In 2021, he was awarded the Outstanding Communist Party Member title.

After the torch relay, Tong Zhaohui said that it was pleasant to be a torchbearer and he would preserve the torch well. He hoped that this year’s Olympic athletes would achieve excellent results and looked forward to the global epidemic subsiding in the new year.

Alumni enterprise Yiding New Energy participates in emergency power guarantee

Silent power generation vehicle

To ensure the smooth operation of the Beijing Winter Olympics, WHU alumni company Guangdong Yiding New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. which was established in 2015, has arranged 13 EVE green silent generation vehicles and 250 sets of portable power generation devices in the Zhangjiakou competition area. Among them, the silent power generation vehicles provide a power generation guarantee for high-power base stations, and the portable power generation devices are used for emergency backup power generation in the machine room, which increases the backup power time of the machine room and provides silent power generation safeguard for key security sites. In addition, the company provided three power generation vehicles equipped with EVE battery systems for the Beijing competition area providing power guarantee for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Before the Olympics, this vehicle has already served the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and flood relief in Henan. It is currently used in 14 provinces and cities across China, and its environmental and reliable performance has been recognized.

Alumni enterprise Huazhong Numerical Control develops domestic ice blade grinder

Chinese short track speed skating team debuts

Short track speed skating has been a popular gold-winning event for China at the Winter Olympics, but China’s ice and snow sports equipment manufacturing industry development lags behind developed countries. Most of the processing equipment for high-end skates and skateboards needs to be imported in large quantities. The development of a domestic Computer Numerical Control (CNC) ice blade grinder with independent intellectual property rights is imperative.

Jointly developed by Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of WHU alumni enterprise Zall, and Jiangxi Jiashite CNC Technology Co., Ltd., the CNC ice blade grinder has successfully broken the foreign monopoly in this field. While providing high-quality ice blades for athletes, the CNC ice blade grinder will effectively enhance the technical level and market share of “Made in China” in the field of ice and snow equipment.

Alumni enterprise Green Tech contributes to water supply supporting two competition areas

Filtration equipment in water plants

Infrastructures is essential to the smooth running of the Olympics. Green Tech, an alumni enterprise of WHU, participated in the infrastructure construction of two competition areas, the Chongli area and the Yanqing area. The new water plant project is located in Xiawo Village, Baiqi Township, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City. Aiming to ensure snowmaking and domestic water production during the Winter Olympics, the importance of the project is self-evident – it offers the main water source for ski venues and related supporting commercial facilities for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Green Tech undertook the water supply system of the project. After advanced precipitation, filter, and ultrafiltration processes, high-quality drinking water is provided with a 20,000 t/d water production scale for the Winter Olympics.

The plaque reading “Be the youth of Luojia forever”

Be it passing the torch or silently providing technical support, the alumni of WHU have played active roles on the 2022 Winter Olympics stage, presenting the world with the power of WHU, the charm of China, and a wonderful and historic Winter Olympics Games.

Rewritten by Cheng Shiwen

Edited by Zheng Zicheng, Qin Zehao, Zhang Yilin, Zou Xiaohan, Sylvia and Hu Sijia

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/TDsyLfePuiHS-J2p8RX09w


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