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Exploring Luojia resource library
Author:Miao Zhengyan  Date:2022-03-23  Clicks:

AuthorMiao Zhengyan

Recently, the central library of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, WHU set up a chamber called “Luojia resource library”. As it is named, there are numerous masterpieces of WHU academicians, previous presidents and noted alumni. There is no denying that it is the utmost treasure of the wisdom of WHUers.

Preliminary exploring

Stepping into the part E2 of WHU Library, you will be greeted by the four characters of “Luojia Wenku”. The solemn structural arrangement and the antique wooden decoration render visitors to slow down their steps spontaneously so that they can have a deeper insight of this ideal “study”.

As soon as the library opened, many students came to visit it.

A few days ago, the unveiling ceremony marked the debut of this pure land of knowledge.

With solemn arrangement and tranquil surrounding, millions of knowledge treasure is glittering on the shelves.

Peaceful enjoyment

Besides those marvelous decorations, it is the rows of books that entice visitors to linger.

The school badge of Wuhan University is engraved on the bookshelf, where the accumulation of history and knowledge condense.

In the end of the chamber, the spiral staircase leads to the second floor which is more tranquil.

The crystal chandeliers on the ceiling add to a stroke of elegance.

Students wonder in front of the shelves.

The small cells separated by shelves create a more private and quiet reading environment.

Masterpieces are displayed on the shelves.

Rewritten by: Xie Anqing

Edited by: Shen Yutian and Hu Sijia


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