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Enjoying the cherry blossoms together with WHU students
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Year in and year out, the cherry blossoms in Wuhan University bloom. When the cherry blossom season arrives in spring, the magnificent blooms in WHU look like a heavy snowfall. The prodigious sea of flowers connects to form a jade ribbon, including the Old Dormitory with its cyan glazed tiles, adding radiance and beauty to each other. On the weekend of March 19, WHU students spontaneously launched the campus cultural activity “Enjoying cherry blossoms together in spring.”

Different from the scenes of interweaving tourists in previous years, this time WHU authorities implemented strict prevention and control policies towards off-campus personnel to curb the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic. Luckily, the activity was broadcast live on CCTV platform. With the network “Cloud viewing cherry blossoms”,  the public was able to walk under the beautiful cherry blossom trees with students and immerse themselves in the profound campus culture of Wuhan University.

The scene of the activities is broadcast live on CCTV

Next to the Administration Building, six students from the WHU Luoqing Art Troupe sang the moving song Cherry blossoms blooming all over the city again under cherry blossom trees. This original song, themed on the fight against the epidemic, evoked people’s unforgettable memory of 2020 when the whole country stood united with the people of Wuhan to defend themselves against COVID-19. As cherry blossoms bloom again, and thanks to our heroes, let’s look forward to a bright future together.

Six students singing “Cherry blossoms blooming all over the city again”

In front of the Old Library, students from the WHU Contemporary Dance Club danced to the song Falling cherry blossoms (tune: Spring in a Pleasure Garden), telling the story of WHU students searching for spring under the cherry blossoms sky. The tinkling melody was like the cherry blossoms falling from the sky, caressing shoulders and covering the ground. With the cherry blossoms drifting, the picture scroll of youthful WHU with hundreds of years of history unfolded, and the song of Hope on Luojia Mountain rang out.

Dancers from WHU Contemporary Dance Club

The cherry blossom season is also the most prosperous time for the campus culture of Wuhan University. On both sides of Cherry Blossom Avenue, the WHU Paper-Cutting Association, Calligraphy and Painting Association, Flute Association, Chunying Poetry Association and other student associations exhibited their works with beautiful scenery. There were old campus buildings carefully carved out of paper, as well as The Ode to Luojia written with wielding brush and ink. The instrumental ensemble of Qin and Xiao was gentle and beautiful, sounding like lofty mountains and flowing water. The profound cultural heritage of Wuhan University is integrated with the vitality of young people, which is the unique beauty belonging to Luojia Mountain.

The paper cuttings

The calligraphy work Luo Ying (the cherry blossoms of Luojia)

The campus cultural activities of Wuhan University have persisted for a long time. The National College Students’ Cherry Blossom Poetry Invitational Competition held during the cherry blossom season now has a history of 38 years and the Golden Autumn Art Festival, the prosperous cultural event in the hearts of WHUers, has been held for 33 years. Whether it is the turn of spring and summer or the golden September in autumn, the wonderful campus cultural activities fully present the aesthetic education of Wuhan University.

The activity was broadcast simultaneously on CCTV News, Sina Weibo, Bilibili, WeChat short videos, Baidu, Toutiao, Tencent, Youku and other platforms, with viewers reaching more than 24 million.

Rewritten by Fu Wantong

Edited by Chen Jiaqi, Qin Zehao, Liang Tong, Zou Xiaohan

Source: https://news.whu.edu.cn/info/1007/66778.htm



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