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Wuhan University and University of Dundee hold online meeting on cooperative double degree program
Author:Hu Sijia & She Junyi  Date:2022-11-23  Clicks:

On November 15, Wuhan University (WHU) and the University of Dundee (UoD) held an online meeting to review their cooperative double degree program in architectural studies. Tang Qizhu, vice president of WHU, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Officials from the School of Urban Design, the Undergraduate College, the Office of Finance, and the Office of International Affairs also participated in the meeting.

Group photo of the meeting

Prof. Tang said that the double degree program has been developing smoothly for the past nine years, the quality has improved and the demonstration effect has amplified. He pointed out that the achievements of the program in 2022 are promising: the program’s extension application was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education and successfully passed its evaluation; this year, the graduation rate of students reached 100 percent, and over 85 percent of the graduates furthered their education in famous universities at home and abroad. Tang said that WHU was looking forward to continuing its sincere cooperation with UoD and making new achievements. He hoped that with the prospects of building a demonstration project of Chinese-foreign cooperation and educating more high-level architectural talents with a global vision, the cooperative program could benefit more students.

Tang Qizhu at the meeting

Wendy Alexander, vice principal of UoD, pointed out that the Ministry of Education’s approval for the program’s extension is full recognition of the partnership between the two universities and thanked WHU for its efforts in this regard. She was delighted to see that the program had enrolled 38 new students this year and that the entire class of 2018 had been sent to study at UoD, indicating that the program was truly sustainable. She hoped that UoD and WHU could jointly develop more innovative and exemplary  Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run courses.

Wendy Alexander at the meeting

Afterwards, the two universities adopted the minutes of the cooperation committee meeting from November 24, 2021, reviewed the implementation of the double degree program, promotion and student enrollment, and discussed and agreed on a number of matters related to school fees and scholarships.

WHU and UoD established the Sino-British double degree program in 2013, the first and only program for undergraduate students of its kind. In March, the Ministry of Education approved its application for extension, extending the end date of the program to till 2031.

Rewritten by She Junyi

Edited by Li Jing, Sun Zhiwei, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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