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“Walking with birds” Yuewei Lecture
Author:Zhang Ruiyu  Date:2023-01-01  Clicks:

More than 800 species of birds soar under the firmament of the Tibetan Plateau“the roof of the world” with their feathers across the sky, leaving behind a chapter of their lives. On November 20, the 18th Yuewei Lecture was held in the School of Life Sciences with "Unusual" Ornithology Lab members: Chen Shicheng, Wei Sai and Li Hui. By sharing their amazing experiences and insights on ornithological research in the plateau, the doctoral team led the students to appreciate the mysteries of the bird world across time and space.

Members of the "Unusual" doctoral group share their amazing research experiences with students

The "Unusual" doctoral group of three simulate ground tits digging a hole

Students share their stories about nature

Students working on feather specimens

Everyone "floats" the specimen bottles and exchanged blessings

The doctoral group lead the students to the basic exhibition of “Luo Luo Ru Shi” in the Wanlin Art Museum and explain the exhibits.

Finally, this session of the Yuewei Lecture series came to an end. In the short three hours, the students were able to cross the barrier of time and space and to bring their minds to the snowy plateau to understand the resonance of life with nature. Even though the study of birds is only the tip of the iceberg of nature, it is still a powerful and evocative experience.

Rewritten by Chen Aojie

Edited by Zhou Chuangyu, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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