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Wuhan University Needs Further Development to be a World-class University
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It was written based on the speech delivered by Han Jin, the secretary of Wuhan University Party Committee, at the WHU Cadre Plenary Session.

I came to Wuhan University (WHU) just four months ago. Before that, I was not particularly familiar with WHU. Therefore, I hope to familiarize myself with its life and blend in as soon as possible to actually become a member of this university.

Within these months, I have surveyed more than half of the colleges and departments of WHU and consulted numerous academicians, renowned professors, experts and scholars as well as former and present leaders. Eventually, I reached a preliminary conclusion that achievements and problems coexist at WHU. Through a series of studies and analyses, we have concluded that most of these problems are solvable, of course, based on certain internal and external conditions. Now, we are on our way to solve these issues.

I’d like to summarize the development situation of WHU into the phrase “three advantages and one task”— meaning that we have enormous strength, clear objectives and we are in favorable condition, but facing a tough task.

Firstly, we have tremendous strength. At the frontline of China’s higher education, WHU has enormous potential in many areas, such as a long history, market-oriented subjects, excellent teachers and students who are very proud of their own alma mater. Most teachers in this university are dedicated, hardworking professionals. They love this university and their students and are devoted to their teaching career. They may complain about the university, but they never allow outsiders to speak ill of their alma mater. Moreover, the whole society speaks highly of WHU and has great expectations for its future.

Secondly, we are in possession of clear objectives. We have distinctive and inspiring goals to build WHU into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. The practical and creative strategies of this university conform to its development plan and social responsibilities in supporting the national and regional progress. All the objectives in the annual work of WHU are consistent with the requirements of the central government, school realities and social expectations in numerous areas such as the institutional reform, the preparations of the university’s anniversary celebration and the concerns about people’s livelihood.

Thirdly, we are in favorable condition. All the teachers and students have acknowledged the necessity of development for the university and the efforts demanded in order to realize its goals. The whole university is constantly moving forward towards a better future. Our leadership is firmly united and practical, thus ensuring a good working environment. Therefore, we have favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions, which is vital to WHU’s development.

However, we are confronted with a tough task ahead. Personally speaking, I need to be more initiative to shoulder substantial responsibilities. It is no easy job to realize our educational objectives and solve existing problems, which needs both time and efforts. We should perform with the perseverant spirit of the ant, solving problems bit by bit, and with the practical merit of the snail, moving forward step by step.

All in all, the further development of WHU will be besieged with huge responsibilities and many difficulties. With proper objectives, sound foundation and favorable development trace, a well-coordinated team, fine internal and external conditions, we will be faster and better on our way to developing WHU into a world-class university.

(Translated by Chunhua Mei, editd by Diana)


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