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Scholars Discuss Cross-Cultural Communication at WHU
Author:Hu Sijia  Date:2013-11-22  Clicks:
From November 16th to the 18th, the seventh International Academic Conference on Cross-Cultural Communication (ICOCC) was held at Wuhan University. More than 30 scholars from home and abroad met to explore cultural conflict and communication.

Attendees included Wuhan University Council Vice-Chair Luo Yuting, ICOCC founder and chair Hugue Hotier, French Consulate General in Wuhan Philippe Martinet and WHU’s Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication Shi Yibin, many of whom praised the ten year old conference’s development during the opening ceremony. Hugue Hotier presented a jointly written book by French and Chinese scholars entitled Sino-France Cross-culture Communication to Wuhan University, while expressing his desire for further collaborative works.

The two-day conference had 7 sessions in which 33 scholars from 12 countries and regions shared their research. Attendees discussed theories of cross-culture communication, cultural adaptation of immigrants and visitors, media’s portrayal of cross-cultural news, and cross-cultural business strategies.

WHU School of Journalism and Communication Professor Shan Bo explained that the conference’s goal is to explor e social and psychological motives for cultural adjustment and innovative developments that make cross-cultural communication possible.


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