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Professor Gilbert Faure from Sino-France Medical Class Wins Chime Bell Award
Author:Hu Sijia  Date:2013-10-15  Clicks:
Professor Gilbert Faure, from the University of Lorraine Medical School and one of the French managers of the Sino-France class in the faculty of Medical Science of Wuhan University (WHU) won the Hubei Province Chime Bell Award. This is the highest honor for foreign experts in Hubei Province. 11 people from WHU have previously received this award.

The Sino-France medical class, founded in 2001, has invited about 100 French professors to teach at WHU, sent about 150 Chinese academics to carry out internship at the Nancy University central hospital and jointly trained about 20 doctoral students. The University of Lorraine has also raised funds to support 30 faculty members in their research. The medical program has been so successful that it has evolved into a model for other Sino-France exchange programs at WHU. Professor Faure joined the Sino-France medical class in 2003 as a manager. He has travelled back and forth between Lorraine and Wuhan to arrange the selection, acceptance, management of students and the curriculum. He has helped build a bridge for Sino-France medical educational cooperation that has benefited WHU, and even Hubei Province.

Initiated by the government of Hubei Province in 1994, the Chime Bells Award honors foreign experts who have made strong contributions to the betterment of the province. 


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