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WHU’s Research Result Makes the Headline in Nature Sub-Journal
Author:Ying Xing  Date:2015-03-12  Clicks:

Nature Nanotechnology, one of the Nature series, published a research paper with Zheng Guoxing, a professor from Electronic Information School of WHU,as the first author.

The paper, Metasurface Holograms Reaching 80% Efficiency, focuses on the research of metasurface which performs extraordinary characteristics in the interactions with electromagnetic waves,which draws close attention of the academic circles. However, it remains in the academic concept level due to the technical restriction.

Professor Zheng cooperated with Professor Zhang Shuang from the Metamaterial Research Center of the School of Physics and Astronomy at University of Birmingham when visiting the United Kingdom sponsored by the Youth Backbone program in 2014. They put forward an innovative plan of “Reflective Gold Nanoparticle Antenna Array”, which was successfully applied into practice. In the experiment, they got satisfactory hologram images of Einstein and reached 80% diffraction efficiency.

This research result has reached and even gone beyond the effect based on traditional materials, but more importantly, they greatly simplify the technological process through one step—photolithography technique, which makes it possible for promotion and application. The promising areas cover laser holographic keyboard, gesture recognition, laser anti-counterfeit, laser radar, laser beam shaping, and optical information processing.

Nature Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary journal with broad readership, concentrating on reporting the latest global advances in the field of nanotechnology. Nature Nanotechnology has a considerably higher impact factor that reaches 33.265 in 2013, while that of the Science was 31.477.

(Rewritten by Luoxi Zhang, edited by Diana & Sijia Hu)



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