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Data and Information Management founded with open access
Author:Ding Nian from School of Information Management  Date:2017-11-09  Clicks:

In September 2017, the newly-founded English-language periodical Data and Information Management started its publication by De Gruyter, the internationally renowned academic publication group, under the sponsorship of WHU’s School of Information Management and Information Resources Research Center.

Endowed with the first-class research capability of Wuhan University and the integrated publishing platform -- De Gruyter, this journal, with its expertise, its high quality and an international version, is dedicated to promote the research of data-driven and cross-domain information management.

Data and Information Management focuses on the theoretical and technological innovations related to data and information management, as well as related large-scale data sets and their management. It guides and encourages authors to, with data as a driving force, carry out interdisciplinary and comprehensive research where the three disciplines -- information science, management science and computer science converge. From the dimensions of information technologies / processes, management and society, the journal covers such fields as scientific research management, public management and enterprise management with scientific, government and business data as its focus. Therefore, effective theoretical supports decision-making reference can be provided to academic institutions, government departments and enterprise.

The research agenda covers a wide array of aspects -- knowledge discovery and organization, cloud computing, machine learning, information visualization, human-computer interaction, information organization and retrieval, digital humanities, information literacy, academic data analysis and evaluation, web / data / text mining, involving data engineering construction in such fields as smart city, smart government, smart health, smart education and financial services as well as applications or case studies relevant to big data analysis.

Chief editors are Ma Feicheng, senior professor of humanities and social sciences, and Gary Marchionini, professor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Editorial board members comprise 16 well-known scholars overseas and a dozen renowned scholars from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University and other domestic universities.

Data and Information Management is issued four times a year, each containing five papers. In order to encourage academic exchange and dissemination, the journal uses the Open Access publishing model advocated by the current academic journals. This model provides readers with full text for free and also offers a full range of value-added services and diversified incentive policies. This is a highly integrated publishing platform with a peer review of high level, the high-quality editing and efficient network communication where the author can publish papers free of charge. Once the manuscripts are accepted, the sponsor pays royalties. Moreover, 6 outstanding papers will be selected based on the quality and rewarded in the first publishing year.

Rewritten by Jing Huichao

Edited by: Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia



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