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Prof. Chen Bo elected academician of AIPS
Author:Yan Can & Deng Liping  Date:2021-11-10  Clicks:

On October 14, Professor Chen Bo from WHU’s School of Philosophy was elected as a full member of the Académie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences (AIPS) at a meeting held at the University of Zadar, Croatia, where he delivered his paper Quine’s Naturalism: Clarification and Defense through an online platform.  This is another international honor following his election to the Institut International de Philosophie (IIP) in 2018. He is also the first Chinese (including ethnic Chinese) academician of AIPS.


AIPS, founded in 1947, is a high-level academic organization and senior honorary institution in the field of international philosophy. It consists of philosophers of science and leading scientists interested in philosophical issues, including full members, corresponding members, emeritus members and honorary members. The number of full members of AIPS is limited to 70. Prior to the meeting, there were only 39 full members of AIPS, together with the corresponding, emeritus and honorary members totaling 116. AIPS aims to reach an integrated understanding and answer basic philosophical questions of various sciences in an interdisciplinary manner. In the spirit of free and precise research, it overcomes ethnic, linguistic, institutional and philosophical differences and shares research results in an environment conducive to friendly interpersonal contacts among researchers, aiming to achieve critical and intellectually fruitful results. In addition, regular academic seminars (so far annually) are a powerful means to provide such an environment. AIPS brings together philosophers of science through triennial symposiums, annual meetings and presentations at group meetings of the Academy held at major scientific centers.

Born in 1957, Chen Bo is a native of Changde, Hunan Province. He received his Bachelor of Philosophy from Hunan Normal University, and his Master of Philosophy and Ph.D. from Renmin University of China. He worked as a professor and doctoral advisor (1999-2021) and also holds a second professorship (2013-present) in the Department of Philosophy at Peking University. In September 2021, he joined the WHU School of Philosophy as a Chair Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences and doctoral advisor. Chen specializes in logic and analytic philosophy, and his main research areas are philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, history of logic, epistemology, American pragmatism, and comparative studies of Chinese and Western philosophers such as Hume, Frege, Russell, Quine and Kripke. Chen has been a visiting scholar or collaborative researcher at the University of Helsinki, University of Miami, University of Oxford and Nihon University for one year each. He has undertaken five projects of the National Social Science Foundation, four projects of the Ministry of Education and one project of the Beijing Municipality, which have been rated “excellent” several times. Currently, he acts as the chief expert of a major project of the National Social Science Foundation of China entitled “Research on the Major Frontiers of Contemporary Philosophy of Logic”. Chen’s major publications include Dialogue, Communication, Engagement: Entering into International Community of Philosophy (2020), Analytical Philosophy: Critique and Construction (2018), Studies on Philosophy of Logic (2014), Studies on the Philosophy of W. V. Quine - From Logical and Linguistic Points of View (1998), Studies on Paradoxes (2014), Persistence of Reason: Pursuit of Language, Meaning, and Truth (2013), Thinking with the Great Thinkers (2015), Introduction to Logic (2004), Fifteen Lectures on Logic (2008), What is Logic? (2002), etc. He has published more than 200 papers in Chinese in important domestic journals and more than 20 papers in English in international AHCI journals. These academic achievements have won several important academic awards, including three from the Ministry of Education’s, five from the Beijing Municipal Government and three Jin Yuelin Academic Awards Prize. In terms of teaching, he has been awarded the “National First-class Undergraduate Course”, “Excellent Textbook Award of Peking University”, “Excellent Teaching Award of Peking University”, “Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor Award of Peking University”, and more.

Rewritten by Zhang Jing

Edited by Zheng Zicheng, Qin Zehao& Cheng Shiwen

Source: http://news.whu.edu.cn/info/1015/65579.htm


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