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Contributions Wanted for English website of Wuhan University
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Aim and Scope:

The English website of Wuhan University, an official platform for English-language news releases and coordinated by Office of International Affairs of Wuhan University, is substantial in content and diverse in form. The goal of the website is to provide teachers and students with information about the university’s activities, both on campus and in the wider world. The mission of the website is to facilitate the internationalization of Wuhan University and expand global influence.

In order to further improve the quality and readability of the website, strengthen overseas publicity and better serve as a significant access to campus culture, history and characteristics of Wuhan University, scholars and students alike contribute to the website on a long-term basis by submitting articles for foreign readers that illustrate the most up-to-date ideas of university management, talents cultivation, academic achievements and campus life of Wuhan University.







News & Events

News reports of campus events

articles, photographs and other audiovisual materials

(Note: each photo should be attached with an explanation)

Campus Life

Articles on campus life from the perspective of students

articles, photographs and other audiovisual materials

(Note: each photo should be attached with an explanation)


Academic progress of WHU

articles, photographs and other audiovisual materials

(Note: each photo should be attached with an explanation)

Points of View

Opinions of WHU scholars and alumni about education, research, etc.

articles, photographs and other audiovisual materials

(Note: each photo should be attached with an explanation)

Photo Captions

Exhibition of campus scenery on the homepage

at least five photographs with the   cover imagesize being 1290*742,each photo must have a concise explanation



1. Original news only, the articles must be of a clear subject, appropriate perspective and literary value. References related to documents, historical evidences, quotations, numbers, names of departments, positions, titles and names of people cited by the author must be accurate.

2. Terminology in the articles must be noted in a simple and concise manner.  News release must be provided with detailed background materials.

3. The articles must come with news photographs which outline the main figure and progression of the event. E-mailed as an attachment and sequentially numbered, the photos must be original amd high quality in JPG、GIF or PNG format with 1024*768 pixels. The title and format of the folder must be written as follows: News Topic—Name of the Author (for example The Cherry Blossom Blooming —John Smith) Permission must be secured in advance for the right toproduce photographs that were not taken by the author of the article.  Pasting photos into files or reducing the photo size are not suggested since they can impact on the reproduction quality of the image.

4. In order to guarantee the relevance of information, current news releases must be submitted within three days, with the exception of follow-up reports and in-depth news reports .

5. The articles must be labeled with detailed information, including the name, student number, phone number, school, grade and class of the author.


Review, Publication and Appraisal of Contributions:

1. After reviewing each article in submission sequence according to the requirements, the editor and reporters of the website have a final say on the acceptance of articles. The review process takes no more than three days. If the article is not published within seven days, it is either delayed by public holidays or is not accepted.

2. The website’s editor has the right to decide whether the article be accepted or rejected. He/she may also verify the authenticity and accuracy of the content and edit it accordingly. If the article is requires significant modification, the editor has the right to notify the author to make changes or may reject the article outright. The notice will be sent directly to the sender’s E-mail address.

3.  All the published articles will be under appraisal by the editor at the end of the year according to the quality, click rate and other data of the manuscript. The superior manuscripts will be named the Best News of the Year.


Contact Us:

E-mail: news@whu.edu.cn

Contributions from teachers and students of Wuhan University are welcome.

English Website Group


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