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Mao Zhenhua
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Mao Zhenhua was born in 1964 in Shishou, Hubei. He received his bachelor degree from economics department of School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University in 1983. He was awarded the doctoral degree in economics from Wuhan University in 1996. He is now the president of China Chengxin Credit Management Company and the co-director of Renmin university’s Economic Research Institute. He is also the adjunct professor for Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Southwest University of Finance and Economics.

Mao Zhenhua has devoted to the economic research and practice. He established the first national credit rating agency in China in 1992. He has made quite a lot research in macroeconomics, capital market and credit rating theory and initiated seminars in both China and abroad.

Mao Zhenhua donated 50 million RMB to Wuhan University for establishing humanities and social sciences buildings. In 2013, he led the establishment of Wuhan University Dong Fureng Economic and Social Development Research Institute (Beijing) and became a supervisor for doctoral students.



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