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Lu Changsheng
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Lu Changsheng was born in 1954 and graduated with a Master Degree from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Wuhan University in 1982, and is a CCP member.

Since Lu became the executive manager of the China Export Commodity Base Construction (Shanghai) Company from April 1992, he has been dedicated to trying to absorb new knowledge; implementing reformations; promoting innovations; and optimizing managements. With these he successfully led the company to gain exporting profits in an annual increase of no less than 50% on the original foundation of 16,000,000 dollars. In a few years this company received appreciations by many departments including the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, as well as the Shanghai Municipal Government. Lu himself also won a lot of honors.

Based on the situations of exporting businesses, Lu launched his bold reform, and he managed to trek a new way out by carrying out mainly four reform projects which involve changes in welfare-housing distribution; staff-supervisions; employee-assessments; and managements on human resource and finance. It was with these innovative methods that Lu was able to end the inconsequence; invoke the enthusiasm; improve the training; and inspire productivity. It was also with these innovative methods that Lu formed his unique managing systems for modern enterprises and a unique Chinese theory of talent capital. His name was thus widely propagated throughout the nation, benefitting hundreds of Chinese entrepreneurs.

In recent years, Lu has made another contribution to his field by publishing two monographs related to price control and joint venture, aiming to improve the efficiency of cash flow, to reduce the debt and to increase the interest.



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