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Tuo Zhen
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Tuo Zhen, male, born in September 1959 in Fangcheng, Henan. He entered the Department of Economics in 1978 and laid a solid knowledge foundation for finance, economy, trade, and mathematics. He also took elective courses of Ancient Chinese and Aesthetics.

In 1982, he was distributed to a newspaper named Economic Daily in Beijing after his graduation and become a rookie in the Press. Started as a green hand, Tuo proceeded with great perseverance, and it did not take a long time before he achieved big progresses in the field of news report.

In the Spring of 1983, Tuo was assigned  to take an interview in Baoding, Hebei. He made a detailed investigation, and then, based on his sense of justice and responsibility, he wrote a fierce criticism against the unfairness existed in housing distribution. This article was published on the front page of the 23th March 1983 Economic Daily, and arose huge social responses.

In October 1984, Tuo was selected as the National Outstanding Journalist.

Within 10 years, Tuo wrote massive amounts of newsletters, reports, features, commentaries, and monographs, and quite a lot of them had received awards and honors.

In October 1993, Tuo Zhen was selected as one of the Ten Prominent Youths in China, and he is the first journalist in China to be granted such a title and in 1994, he was promoted as a senior reporter.

In the spring of 1994, Economic Daily opened a column for Tuo Zhen to publish his comments and analysis towards social events.

Tuo Zhen is now currently the leader in charge of the Economic Daily, and is also a Standing Committee Member of the Chinese Youth Federation; Deputy President of the Youth Federation for Offices Directly Under the CPC Central Committee; Committee Member of Beijing Youth Federation; Part-time Professor of the Department of Journalism of Zhengzhou University; Adjunct Associate Professor of the Center for Economic Research of Wuhan University. He has also been granted Special Government Allowances approved by the State Council in 1995.


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