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[Students Activities] Kazakhstan Students across China Gathered at WHU
Author:Min Song  Date:2015-06-23  Clicks:

On the morning of June 13th, the Kazakhstani Students Association in China (KSAC) held their annual meeting at the School of International Education, Wuhan University. About 100 Kazakhstani student delegates attended the meeting from across China: Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, Urumqi, and Guangzhou.

KSAC is an association set up by Kazakhstani students in China, aimed at helping new coming students adapt to the environment and trying to show the Kazakh culture for foreigners and making the Sino-Kazakh relations stronger. Every year, KSAC hosts a meeting in a large city where there are numerous Kazakhstani students. Zhandos  Jagparov, the leader of the Kazakhstan Student’s Association in Wuhan, was in charge of the annual meeting in Wuhan this year.

During the meeting, student delegates discussed issues on the last year work summary of the KSAC, the KSAC’s further development on social network, approaches to recruiting more Kazakhstani students in China to join the KSAC.

In addition to the student delegates, the officials of the Kazakhstan Embassy and Consulate General, as well as the dean of the School of International Education also attended the meeting and delivered speeches, emphasizing on Kazakhstan students’ long term good relations with China and hoping the KSAC would play a more important role in strengthening Kazakhstani students’ ties with China. Actually, the Premier of Kazakhstan, Karim Masimov, once studied at Wuhan University.

A student delegate from South China University commented, “The meeting is beneficial for the further development of KSAC and communication among Kazakhstani students from different cities of China. Moreover, it makes me feel at home gathering with so many compatriots.”

Zhandos  Jagparov, the organizer expressed his thanks to Yanchu Hu, the Dean of the School of International Education, to Fusheng Zhou and to Zhen Cheng, the Vise Deans, to Yihua Yang, Chairman of the board of Sevalo Machinery Company, who sponsored the meeting. “I am grateful for their support without which the meeting could not be held successfully.”

Kazakhstan student delegates

(Photo by Yueran Pan, edited by Diana & Sijia Hu)


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