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Design for the 2018 undergraduate admission notice
Author:Zhou Siyan  Date:2018-06-29  Clicks:

The award ceremony, for the Undergraduate Admission Notice Design Competition was successfully in the School of Urban Design, marked the conclusion of the entire process in search of the perfect design for the 2018 WHU undergraduate admission letter.  


The award ceremony

This year the committee received 132 creations from students currently on campus and those who have graduated. Xiao Jiamin, a student from the School of Geodesy and Geomatics, was awarded as the Outstanding Winner. Her design would officially become the 2018 WHU undergraduate admission notice after further modification advised by professional instructors. For now her design is kept secret, but it will not be long before the final notice design is made public to meet the new arrivals.

Xiao is special not only due to her nice design but also because she was the first winner of the competition out of the School of Urban Design. It means that, as an amateur, she prevailed over those who should have mastered in it.

When asked about the source of inspiration for her design, Xiao replied, “The most important thing is the words ‘Achieving the most beautiful life on the most beautiful campus.’ They express my sincere blessing for the new arrivals. Also, it is the beauty that touches me deeply in studying and living here based on my personal experiences.”

In addition to the well-meaning moral, she put additional emphasis on simplicity and balance, choosing only the typical elements that can vividly represent Wuhan University. The idea was in perfect accordance with the evaluating standards: professional, appreciable and practical.

Since 2016, the undergraduate admission notices have been selected through this special design competition with some final tweaks afterwards. All the entries are original designs of Wuhan University students, as well as alumni and alumnae. The adopted admission notice designs have become Internet hits in recent years.


The 2017 undergraduate admission notice


The 2016 undergraduate admission notice

Ancient architectural complex, cherry blossoms, the East Lake and the Luojia Mountain have always been the favorites of the designers. While certain traditions pass on, designers are making innovations as well. For example, an alumnus added anti-forgery marks in his design. Although it was not adopted, the spirit of originality is just what we are looking for and protecting. It keeps the notice design alive and will surely make its impact sooner or later.

(Photo by Zhou Siyan & from the Internet)

(Edited by Xu Yumeng, Zheng Yayun, Liu Jiachen and Liu Xiaoli)


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