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Sweats behind the scenes--the Golden Autumn Clothing Festival
Author:Wang Zhuo  Date:2018-11-16  Clicks:

On the evening of October 20th, the grand Golden Autumn Clothing Festival, presented a visual feast. The self-designed and handmade clothes look even more shining and charming in the flickering stage light. How were these clothes made? This question led me to the costume group for the Golden Autumn Clothing Festival in School of Urban Design.

On the night of October 18th, only two days to go before the opening of the festival, several students from School of Urban Design were working overtime to polish the clothes, and the models were taking intense step training. They were here for a shared goal--a perfect stage show.

Two girls were carefully attaching the scale decorations to the skirt.

Many seemingly careless boys showed great workmanship in this detailed work.

These super delicate clothes components made of thin paper require extreme caution.

Girls were carefully coloring the clothes despite the rough working environment.

The students from School of Urban Design had brought their professional skills into full play. This girl was using hot melt glue, a common tool in making building models.

The boy was measuring a humanoid model, hoping the clothes would show its best.

The girl was dressing the model with a headdress for a final adjustment.

While the costume group was making clothes in rapt attention in the room, models were busy rehearsing in the hallway.

Thanks to the students' hard work behind the scenes, a perfect stage performance was finally brought to the audience. Everyone was amazed by this wonderful show and burst into applause at the end. While enjoying the feast to eye, please bear in mind the hard work of these heroes on or off the stage, who have shown extraordinary artistic talents and teamwork spirits.

Rewritten by Wang Anqi, Editted by Zheng Lingling, Shen Yuxi & Hu Sijia

Photo by Wang Zhuo


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