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The Lakeside canteen of WHU takes on a new look
Author:Wan Qian and Jiang Chiheng  Date:2018-12-07  Clicks:

Gastrodia and fish head soup, sand shrimp with Chinese vermicelli and garlic puree… If you are familiar with Chinese food, you may easily get the feeling that you are in a Cantonese restaurant when seeing this menu. This is, however, merely one of the new features added to the Lakeside canteen of Wuhan University. After a four-month refurbishment, the revamped Lakeside canteen was finally unveiled in early November, 2018, without failing everyone’s expectation.

The new canteen attracts foodies all over the campus as it boasts variety and gourmet dishes. Three types of Chinese cooking can be found here as it seeks to better cater to the different tastes of students from different regions: Hubei cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Cantonese cuisine. Highly skilled chefs and cherry-picked ingredients are also the guarantee of exquisite dishes in the Lakeside canteen.

A glimpse of the dishes in the new canteen

Multiple choices of dishes

The indoor design of the new canteen primarily features the color white. By contrast, the columns are decorated with black patterns similar to lake waves, which are inspired by the East Lake near the canteen. The combination of two contrasting colors makes the canteen look much brighter than before, thereby creating a mellow and warm atmosphere.

Interior decoration

The Lakeside canteen refurbishment also blends technology into its user-friendly design. Electronic plates have been introduced to automize payment and largely reduce queuing time. Some of the regular chairs in the canteen have been replaced by  rotatable and height-adjustable models, while most tables are equipped with sockets for charging electronic devices. What’s more, the Lakeside canteen now remains open at non-meal time for self-study. Coffee dispensing and other vending machines have been installed to provide drinks and snacks to busy learners.

Automatic payment

The transformation of the Lakeside canteen is part of WHU’s series of canteen refurbishments. In advance of the refurbishments, students were provided with opportunities for feedback and suggestions, which signals the university’s ambition to become increasingly student-oriented.

A campus canteen represents the microcosm of the whole university. Its gorgeous dishes, elaborate design and advanced facilities imply that WHU is constantly in pursuit of providing more comfortable and convenient living conditions for all students.

Photo by Liu Qingyun

Edited by Hu Yue, Li Yushan, Shi Weiya & Hu Sijia


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