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Changes and outlook: one year after Zhenhua Building completion
Author:Zhou Siyan  Date:2018-12-13  Clicks:

On October 11, China Cheng Xin International Credit Rating Co. Ltd. (CCXI) launched its 2019 campus recruitment in Zhenhua Building, Wuhan University. CCXI’s founder and chairman, Mao Zhenhua came to the talk in the modern well-functioning complex, which was named after him.

A view of Zhenhua Building

Mao is a WHU alumnus who donated RMB 50 million four years ago to enable construction of the complex, now named Zhenhua Building. Built from the end of 2013 to June 2016, the building has now been in use for over a year. Boasting a modern look, it is located near the main entrance of Wuhan University. Covering an area of 21,200 square meters, Zhenhua Building applies modern design theories to traditional architectural temperament.

Inside are mainly offices of the humanities, including the School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of History, School of Philosophy and School of Chinese Classics. There are also modern classrooms for delivering lectures and student activities. One of its objectives is to promote the development of the humanities in coordination.

Information on upcoming lectures

Students are quite satisfied with the spacious and well-equipped new building. “More lectures are held in the building, so we go there more often than before”, said Wu Xinyue, a student from the School of History. “Students, especially members from the debate team are glad to have activity rooms to hold group discussions.” Besides, an orderly library is now available, thanks to the larger space.

“It is farther from my dormitory”, said Liu Yuxin from the School of Chinese Language, “but it is equipped with better facilities.” To her, changes are good if teachers are more satisfied and therefore become more motivated. With fancy offices and advanced equipment, they seem content with the new building.

Interior of Zhenhua Building

Improvements already made are conspicuous. There is a smart access control system to ensure personal and property security, a new elevator to facilitate work and a pleasing clean environment. Qu Wenxin, a student from the School of Philosophy and a president of its Student Union, described it as “a great advance”. The location and infrastructure are great. “Virtually everything is convenient,” she said, “and if you notice small things here, you will be amazed at its charm.”

Li Yong, a teacher from the School of Philosophy, expressed his anticipation to more improvements. He recommended decorations like art works in offices and hallways to make the buildings more cheerful. “Teachers’ offices take most space. More public space, such as lounges, should be created. Free exchange of ideas is the key, especially for students majoring in philosophy,” Prof. Li said, “Instead of viewing it simply as an office building, Zhenhua should offer an enhanced learning environment to students.”

Zhenhua Building is just one example of the generous donations of WHU’s alumni. Thanks to them, seven buildings have been established, one after another, over the past decade. They have been playing a unique role in WHU’s development and will no doubt make our campus a better place to study, research and live in.

Photo by Cui Wenjing

Edited by Wei Yena,Li Yushan, Zheng Yayun, Shi Weiya & Hu Sijia


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