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Nguyen Cam:Stepping out of your “comfort zone”
Author:Yang Tiantian  Date:2019-04-01  Clicks:

At the end of a two-day train ride from Vietnam to China, Nguyen Cam came to Wuhan University (WHU) in September 2018, filled with curiosity and apprehension. This was the beginning of her study abroad journey.

Cam in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province

Cam, who majors in marketing in the School of Economics and Management, has been studying in WHU as a postgraduate student for nearly a year.  Unlike most international students, Cam worked as a salesperson earning a relatively good salary in a family store before she came to Wuhan. Things began to change when her cousin Khanh Ly, who had been studying Chinese in WHU for a PhD, returned home. Her cousin’s description of the strong academic environment and the rich culture of WHU deeply touched Cam. “If you have determination to change yourself and face challenges, Wuhan University is definitely the best choice”, Khanh Ly said. “The decision was made in haste, but I never regret”, Cam said frankly, “why not explore the boundless, unknown scenery during your limited life?”

Cam at the WHU International Culture Festival

Having been in China less than a year, she has already excelled among international students in speaking Chinese. “Wow, I just couldn’t believe that you are a foreigner!” said one of her classmates in an elective course. The process of learning Chinese is the biggest challenge for international students, including for Cam at the beginning. However, she made every effort to conquer it. “I am really into the Chinese TV series and songs, which are my favorite pastime!” Cam said, adding, “actually, the secret of learning Chinese is to imitate the tones from everyone around you.” Cam never foregoes an opportunity to practice oral Chinese with her classmates. In contrast to the initial shyness, now Cam can confidently present group coursework in Chinese in front of the whole class. Additionally, she has participated in several postgraduate talent show competitions as a dancer, which enabled her to quickly adapt to her new environment and make a lot of Chinese friends.

Cam presents group work in her marketing class

When it comes to her future plan after graduation, Cam says she intends to experience a transition period in the south of China like Guangzhou and Shenzhen, undertaking an internship. “After all, I still don’t have a perfect command of Chinese.” Cam believes that multilingual workers will be highly sought after in future. “I hope to become an employee in a multinational corporation and make a great contribution to the further cooperation between China and Vietnam!”

Everyone enjoys the so-called "comfort zone". Coming out of this comfort zone can be challenging, but fruitful in the end, for it unfolds a whole new world in front of you. When hearing about her cousin’s experience in WHU, Cam decided to give up her  current job and come to China to study marketing. When faced with the option to present group work in Chinese, Cam was willing to take the chance with courage. Why not explore the endless and unknown opportunities during your limited life? I guess she has already given her own answer: step out of your comfort zone and live your life to the fullest.

Photo by Nguyen Cam

Edited by Jiang Chiheng, Li Yushan, Shi Weiya & Hu Sijia


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