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The red spider lilies
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Author: Liu Xuan

Wuhan University is well known for its flowers. The red spider lily, scientifically known as Lycoris radiata, is one of these. Dotted around campus, these flowers resemble splashes of pure color on an artist's canvas. Their blossoms, like blooming flames, dance in a dreamlike shade of red. Each petal seems meticulously painted, transitioning from deep crimson to soft pink, creating a surreal sense of depth.

In the morning sunlight, the red spider lilies' petals glisten like precious gems, akin to little masterpieces. When a gentle breeze rustles through, the petals sway gracefully like dancing notes in a natural symphony.


The fragrance of the red spider lilies fills every corner of the campus like the scent of a painting. At the center of the flowers, golden stamen glimmer like pieces of jewelry, exuding subtle hues that attract artists who come to admire them in search of inspiration.

Students often halt at the flower beds, setting up easels or laying out canvases to capture their beauty. Art classes are frequently held on the greens, encouraging students to draw inspiration from nature and create their own pieces.

These red spider lilies are not just beauties of nature on campus but also beings that merge art and nature seamlessly. They are like generous muses, offering their own beauty to the students, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for their creativity and contemplation.


Photo by Fang Changrui

Edited by Hu Rongxin, Cao Hangqian


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