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Author:Zhang Kewei  Date:2019-04-15  Clicks:

"BRUSH@CITY RECONSTRUCTION"——this year’s largest art exhibition in central China was held at the Wanlin Art Museum from March 5 to 9, 2019, adding some cultural and artistic atmosphere to Wuhan University during its cherry blossom season.

The exhibition displayed not only work from former China Illustration Biennial (CIB) prize winners but also posters designed by the judges who had been invited from different countries. From exquisite hand-painted illustrations to colorful digital ones, the exhibits displayed varying themes and expression techniques, which offered a peek at the development of Chinese modern illustration. In the exhibition hall where the international judges’ work was displayed, visitors were drawn to the replicas, stopping to appreciate these impressive masterpieces. Hundreds of posters recounted urban memories, life inspirations as well as historical accumulations. These diverse digital drawings gave vivid expression to the collision of culture and art from multiple perspectives.

On the one hand, the curator hopes to innovate the academic research paradigm of artwork categories by studying illustration literature while collecting and sharing the illustrations. The curator also hopes to create supportive cultural connotation for digital creation through the analysis of image semantics plus media communication. It is also an audience-oriented exhibition that is intended to give public access to modern illustration and its history.

As an important artistic form in modern society, illustration is closely related to people’s life, and it plays an indispensable role in both domestic and commercial design

At weekends, numerous students, teachers and citizens gathered at Wanlin Museum to visit this exhibition. Some teachers offered professional interpretation to students while parents took photos with their children in front of their favorite works. Everyone enjoyed themselves in the cultural and artistic atmosphere during the lovely cherry blossom season.

Rewritten by Qin Zichang, edited by Zhang Shiqi, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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