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Head on to a brand-new journey: Welcome the newcomers!
Author:Pan Jiachang  Date:2019-09-30  Clicks:

“Dear Mom,

It has been half a month since I left home leaving for the uni. As the military training draws to an end, I’m starting my college life in WHU. How’s your life these days? How are your feet? Do they still ache? I don’t know what you are busy with, but maybe the fact that I am all well provides you a small crumb of comfort. Mom, please do not miss or worry about me so much, since I will be with you for a long, long time in the future. ······ Mom, I hope everything goes well. Although miles apart, remember my love and that I am all well.”

The letter written by Du Yuhang, a Japanese major freshman of WHU during his military training made other WHUers connect to his feeling in social media, because it reminded them of the beginning of their own independent journey here. Now it has been almost a month from the day when new comers arrived.                          

Students from the School of Foreign Languages and Literature in military training

Du cherishes the time for military training and even sheds tears when taking goodbye photos with the training instructors. “Though the training was tough, I got the chance to know classmates, made friends with the instructor and learned how to cooperate with others. It’s all worthwhile”, smiled Du, “Yet I still kind of miss home. I still need time to fully adapt to the life here, to everything.”

Like many other freshmen, Du chose to join clubs and communities, in an attempt to make friends with those who share his interests. “It’s so funny to participate in News & Publicity Department of WHU Students Union. I have known many nice people. We play games and hang out together. Moreover, senior schoolmates share their experiences on campus with me, which helps a lot at the beginning”, said Du. In addition, student organizations provide students with opportunities to learn new skills, “We inspire each other and I can learn how to run media in practice. That’s awesome!”

When talking about his future dream, Du seemed very determined “You know, I major in Japanese”, said Du, “So, I will try my best to improve my professional skills and seize opportunities to study abroad and spread Chinese culture”.

Du (last row, first from right) and his friends at a Mid-Autumn Festival Party

Another freshman Wu Hanyu who majors in clinical medicine is still taking time to adapt to the new surroundings. “I am not so accustomed to the weather and food here”, said Wu, “In Northern China we prefer food with milder taste like porridge while Wuhan cuisine is spicy.” Indeed, people from different places have different tastes and lifestyles. “However, Wuhan is a fabulous city with its modern comforts and great views.”

Speaking of her career choice, Wu would like to be a doctor. “No matter how long it takes to get a medical degree, I will never give up”, said Wu. Her role model is Wu Mengchao, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences who has made great contributions in hepatology. She said, “Mr. Wu shoulders responsibility for the patients, and rush between operating tables and research all his life. I admire his passion and devotion in medicine.” When asked if she would like to be a doctor without borders, Wu said it was her dream but she “still has a long way to go”.

Wu was also excited about dormitory life and has already become good friends with her roommates. “Everything is convenient now since medical students’ dormitories have been renovated recently”, said Wu.

Wu and her roommates in WHU’s uniform

WHU is also an ideal place for international students. For example, Siripha Sivanartwong, a marketing major from Thailand, enjoys her life in the school and has a Chinese name now: Wu Guanming. “This is my first visit to Wuhan. It was hard to communicate due to language barrier at first, but after a week, I became quite familiar with the people here. I have been trying hard to learn Chinese, so it is getting easier,” said Siripha.

Siripha with the Yangtze River

Siripha will stay here to study Chinese for one year. “I hope to master Chinese and make many friends here”, said Siripha, “I choose WHU because of its fame and open academic environment.” In spare time, Siripha likes to hang out with friends and shares her life in social media. “I found Wuhan very big and populous. It is quite hot in summer, but I really like the city anyway. The night is so beautiful with the lights”, said Siripha.

It moved Siripha that “people here are so friendly and teachers are so kind to help with Chinese”. Indeed, WHU, a warm big family, embraces everyone from everywhere who has a dream. For the newcomers, it is undoubtedly a good start of a brand-new journey. Enjoy!

Photo by Du Yuhang, Wu Hanyu & Siripha Sivanartwong

Edited by Zhou Siyan, Li Yushan, Zheng Yayun


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