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WHU international students celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival
Author:Qin Shihan  Date:2021-09-29  Clicks:

On September 17, the WHU International Students 2021 Welcome Party was held in the School of International Education (SIE). Teachers from SIE welcomed international students from all over the world who recently began their life in WHU. They also took this chance to get together and celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese festival of reunion.

At the start, Liu Shu, a teacher from SIE, taught a lesson on the Mid-Autumn Festival tradition. She shared the legend, history and customs and invited some students to come to the stage to perform an impromptu drama.


Liu Shu reciting a poem about the moon

Next was a visual feast offered by Pakistani students. With glittering light and drumming sound, three pairs entered the stage in succession, showing their traditional costumes. Their gorgeous clothes and contagious smiles attracted everyone’s attention.


Pakistani students in traditional costumes

Then the host pulled out several sheets of parchment displaying calligraphy writing. One of the works is ‘Blooming flowers and full moon’ (hua hao yue yuan), written in official script (li shu). The other is ”Plucking cinnamon flowers in the Moon Palace” (chan gong zhe gui)  written in regular script (kai shu). After finishing their works, they explained the meaning of writing and the core of each script. The host also invited two international students to try the calligraphy, and they created great works.


Students sharing the moral of their works

The most breathtaking moment of all must have been the martial art show. Chinese students from the martial art club showed their feats mastered through laborious training and conveyed the core of Chinese martial arts to the audience. “Martial art is always the most impressive part”, said a senior student who has already participated in the event four times. The Nepalese student from SIE continued, “They showed us brand new moves every time, and I just love it!”


Finally, all performers came to the stage and sang Tomorrow Will Be Better, expressing their hopes for the future. The audience also joined in, turning the singing into a chorus.


The song “Tomorrow Will be Better

“We choose the Mid-Autumn Festival as the time to hold the welcome party so that the freshmen from all over the world may feel at home during their time away from their countries.” Liu Shu explained to underline the School’s consideration.

Cheering and laughing, all of the students spent an unforgettable night in SIE. With a sense of belonging and love, they will never be lonely in WHU.

Photo by Chen Wei

Edited by Zheng Zicheng, Qin Zehao&Yin Xiaoxue


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