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Winter Solstice: a chill is coming
Author:Miao Zhengyan  Date:2021-12-17  Clicks:

“A fine drizzle brings a chill while the frost is yet to come. Leaves in the yard turn half green and yellow.” Greeted by a shower, the Winter Solstice brings many surprises to the world. Despite the slight chill it sends to the mild South, the Winter Solstice adds gorgeous colors to the verdant WHU campus.

A glimpse of WHU during Winter Solstice

During the Winter Solstice, with a snowstorm blanketing northern China, most leaves in Wuhan University have seemingly turned yellow overnight. Instead of a sense of bleakness, half yellow and green leaves endow the campus with a wonderful sight and unique charm.


The rain refreshes Meiyuan Playground


The carpet of golden leaves on Wenti Road outside Meiyuan Playground


Yinghua Road’s appeal during Winter Solstice is no less than that in spring.

A close-up of Luojia during Winter Solstice

During Winter Solstice, what messages did WHU receive from winter? Let’s get close to Luojia Mountain and look for the answer together.


Red leaves on the sports field are like a letter from the Winter Solstice


Lotuses in Jian Lake turn half yellow and half green


Beautiful flowers add extra vitality to the campus

Appreciation of cultural atmosphere in WHU during Winter Solstice

“Luojia Mountain is a good place to study.” Even during Winter Solstice, WHU is rich in its artistic atmosphere.


Wanlin Art Museum wrapped in golden leaves.


Fried dumplings at the street stall remind you of home


A bowl of steaming dumplings is the perfect finish  toa day’ s study

Rewritten by Shen Le

Edited by Cheng Shiwen, Sylvia and Hu Sijia


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