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Sports Season: Students sweating on the playground
Author:Zhao Jianghan, She Junyi, Li Yifan & Yang Zhenmin  Date:2021-12-27  Clicks:

With pleasant weather suitable for outdoor activities, students of Wuhan University adorn their lives with sports, and the sweat of youth is spilled on the playground. Recently, the sports field has witnessed various sports activities, which are both competitive and fun.

Freshmen’s Fun Sports Event of Hongyi Honor College

With the aim to improve physical fitness and unite students from different majors, the Freshmen’s Fun Sports Event of the Hongyi Honor College was held at Meiyuan basketball court on the morning of October 17. Specially organized for new masters’ students this year, this sport event consisted of many novel events.


Participating freshmen lining up to check in

One of the most favored events was “Immortals show the way”, which required communication skills and smooth cooperation. Each group had two contestants - one of them was blindfolded, and the other one had to guide his or her partner through the obstacles to the terminal only using verbal communication. Obstacles on the track included hurdles and cones, and the first group to cover the length of the track won.


Participants making their way through the obstacles

“Taking part in this sports event allows me to strengthen the bond with my classmates,” said Yang Zhaojun, a participant in the activity, “I hope this kind of activity can be held regularly in the future.”

Sweet smiles and happy laughter could be heard from every corner of the playground, emanating a lively atmosphere. The Freshmen’s Fun Sports Event of the Hongyi Honor College was undoubtedly a huge success.

Fluorescent night running activity on Luojia

As an extension of the sports event, the Hongyi Honor College held a fluorescent night run activity on Luojia Mountain on the evening of October 17. The Dean, Prof. Shi Jing, and other department leaders also participated in the activity. This was a golden autumn night-banquet as well, which enabled students to enhance friendship while enjoying the night view of the campus.


Fluorescent youth at the starting line

The fluorescent night running activity began with a special opening ceremony. A dressing and graffiti area was set up on site as an innovation where students could choose lovely fluorescent props and paint their body or face to add some fun. Before the competition, all the students gathered and performed broadcast gymnastics as a warm-up exercise under the leadership of the head teacher, forming colorful and splendid waves to ignite the enthusiasm of all students.

Amid joyful cheers, Dean Shi fired his gun and issued the running instruction. When the order sounded, students started running, and the group became a colorful galaxy. With fluorescent ornaments and sticks, the enthusiastic participants lit up Luojia Mountain, forming breath-taking beauty in the night.

After returning to 912 Playground, students used fluorescent pigment to press their palms on the background board and leave their signatures on the signature wall, making a creative graffiti painting and a jointly completed luminous works of art. They received special souvenirs and took group photos together, shouting out, “Race with youth! Every step you take counts!”

Foreign student participation in sports season

On October 17, an exciting sports event organized by Wuhan University International Students Union was held at the basketball court of Fengyuan .

The sports event contained three parts: basketball, volleyball, and badminton. Students from Afghanistan, Ghana, Namibia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and other countries participated. A large audience buzzed the small basketball court cheering up the athletes.


The participants were engaged in a fierce tug of war

Referring to the importance of physical activities, two Ph.D. students from Pakistan, Muhammad Ashfaq and Zahid Jahangir, stated that “we should engage ourselves more in physical activities, whether in indoor or outdoor activities, for the activities can make us healthy while also keeping the mind fresh.” Kaurumbua Koujo, a Namibian basketball athlete, believes that sports activities play a significant role in meeting new people and new cultures and help to maintain a good physique.


The group photo of the participants

2021 Sports Event of the School of Computer ScienceHigher, Faster, Farther

Students from the School of Computer Science were also enjoying the sports season. On October 25, the 2021 sports event of their school was held on the playground of the Faculty of Information Sciences.

At the beginning, with strong confidence and vigor, the representatives of each class stepped on the rostrum and shouted out their slogans, showing the vitality of the students majoring in computer science.


Students marching to the rostrum on the playground

Although sweaty and exhausted, every athlete tried his or her best to cross the finish line. The happiness shown on their face was the best harvest they got. A freshman in the 1500-meter long-distance race expressed his great determination and confidence before the race, and also gained valuable experience, friendship and perseverance after the race.

Moreover, many special and interesting games were held on the ground, which undoubtedly added more colors and fun to the sports event. Among them, the “Herding Pigs Run” stands out. Here, participants are divided into teams of four. Each member puts two solid balls in front of the body, and pushes the solid balls forward using both hands in a half-squatting position. The group with all four members finishing the relay first wins the game.


The Herding Pigs Run game taking place with a lot of fun

Time passed in a flash., With non-stop laughter and excitement shown on every player’s face during each match, the 2021 sports event of the School of Computer Science reached an end. Everyone involved gained a lot. “Higher, faster and farther”, the spirit of sports will never cease.

Photo by Jin Zhenming & Zhang Xin

Edited by Chen Jiaqi, Qin Zehao, Qin Shihan, Sylvia and Hu Sijia


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