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Stanzas to cherry blossoms
Author:Wang Yubo  Date:2022-03-21  Clicks:

I left you in the morning glow
For the fading flowers gay
That I’d bring to beside your window
And stay for the ages of the day.

I saw a maiden pausing by,  
She picked a rose for her hair.
And even juveniles opted to comply
With ivy’s blossoms they long to wear. 

I strayed down the yard path alone
Spring showed off, so fresh and fair.
But I paced in haste with a moan
For you I’d found no fitting one there.

Then suddenly I saw a flame
A bright blaze turned to bloom.
Even the rose was ashamed of itself
In gorgeousness and its perfume.

I stared, and it did not dim

I plucked it, but it grew more and more

The sweetness of the scent and the charm of the face

Cleared away all the gloom, and the sky was finally blue

"This is the very flower I want.

You are the only one worthy of immortal beauty.

From now on, you will wake up in every morning

Bathe in the fragrance of perfection.

And sink in the immaculate sunrise."

Photo by Liu Xuan

Edited by Tu Hua, Zou Xiaohan, Sylvia and Hu Sijia


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