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Flowers floating through air
Author:Liu Xuan, Ma Heyang  Date:2022-03-25  Clicks:

Faint fragrance floating, it’s you  

Fairy style grace like ice, it’s you

Blooming against the cold, it’s you again

You have no tenderness like April and May,

no enthusiasm like July and August,

no desolation like September and October.


But your gorgeous look shows vitality in the snowy winter.

I love you, beautiful flowers,

The old saying holds true

“Love flowers as you love your fair lady”,

My heart is captured

By your slim figures,

By your sweet scents,

And by your innocent appearances,


You smile and the breeze blows;

You frown and the rain falls.


Oh, my plum blossom

I am deeply in love with you,

Not for your look

But for your soul,


Pick a branch of fresh plum,

To pencil the eyebrows of the beauty.

Red and warm;

Flowers are torn apart,


Petals float in the wind;

Leaving the fragrance beyond;


Grinding the stamens,

You are planting hopes in the earth,

Like wildfires,

Burning all anxiety away,

And ignite the ultimate romance.

Rewritten by: Wang Qinyuan

Edited by: Wang Xuanqi





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