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The 7th Ethnic Culture Festival in WHU
Author:Zou Pengzhi  Date:2022-06-30  Clicks:

Since its establishment in 2016, the Ethnic Culture Festival has been enjoying great popularity. What makes it unique is the variety of booths with diverse characteristics, rich and colorful talent displays as well as novel and interesting ways of hosting. Through the folklore display and talent performances of students from all ethnic groups, the majority of teachers and students jointly appreciated a ethnic culture feast at the Guiyuan playground in mid-May, enjoying the splendid and long-standing Chinese ethnic culture.

Miao Baishou Dance

Miao Dragonboat Melody

Zhuang Song ‘Folk songs are like rivers in spring’

Kazakh Dombra Performance

The audience at the scene responded enthusiastically and watched the performance attentively

Mongolian customs

Exquisite objects of ethnic characteristics

A student trying on ethnic minority headwear

Specific instrument of ethnic minority

Colorful folklore painting

Students from ethnic minority taking a group photo as a souvenir

The annually-held Ethnic Culture Festival exposes students to diverse ethnic minority cultures, allowing them to deeply experience the affection, sincerity and enthusiasm of being united. The flowers of culture with ethnic characteristics bloom on campus. Let’s look forward to the next Ethnic Culture Festival!

Rewritten by: Xie Anqing

Edited by: Shen Yutian, Syvia, Xi Bingqing


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