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A piece of music heralds the autumn
Author:Miao Zhengyan  Date:2022-11-17  Clicks:

As October approached and the weather turned cool, bursts of music in the Humanities Science Hall signaled the arrival of autumn in WHU this year. Equipped with traditional and popular instruments each in their own right, musicians joined together, presenting a grand concert to greet the autumn of Wuhan.

The performance of “A piece of music heralds the autumn”

First up on stage were the musicians playing traditional Chinese instruments. Some lightly plucked and slowly stroked the Chinese lute, mingling loud and sot notes played together. Some winded the melodious sound of Qin Opera, while the others played the Chinese zither, revealing the elegance and decorousness of ancient literati. Let's span the thousands of years, lingering in the ancient dynasties, feeling reluctant to part.

Chinese lute performance House of Flying Daggers

Bamboo flute performance Lyric of the Qin River

Chinese zither performance Songs of Chu

Just as the last sounds of the traditional instruments could be heard, pop music came to life, resounding through the auditorium. Music of another style ignited the passion of the audience.

The player narrated the history of the harmonica and performed The History of Tango


Guitar solo Like a Star


Guitar ensemble Afternoon Sunlight Under the Lemon Tree


The band performing Wild Goose

Whether it is the long and lingering sound of music, passionate rock or lively ballads, music always brings an indescribable power to people, especially on this tender night at the intersection of summer and autumn. The three-hour concert brought another night of cool dreams to Luojia Hill.

Rewritten by Yu Jiaao

Edited by Wang Xuanqi, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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