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Pageant of associations of WHU
Author:Xu Yirui  Date:2022-11-24  Clicks:

On September 25, the Pageant of a Hundred Associations (also known as the recruitment activity of the students associations) was held in Guiyuan Playground, attracting tens of thousands of students. It is an annual event held every autumn, which aims to show off the charm of the various associations of WHU and recruit new members.

The opening ceremony officially began at 9 a.m. with representatives from the associations showcasing their talents. Initially, the classic track Sky is the limit, brought by the Original Music Association, engrossed the audience, expressing the freedom and tenacity of life.

A performer singing Sky is the limit

Following that, the Voice of the Sakura Harmonica Association brought the harmonica solo Mohe Ballroom. The melodious but slightly sad tune allowed the audience to appreciate the charm of harmonica playing.

The harmonica solo Mohe Ballroom

After experiencing the charm of music, members of the Martial Arts Association performed a boxing match, taekwondo, and other moves, presenting a magnificent selection of martial arts moments bursting with power and control.

Martial arts performances

After the opening performance, students began to browse the associations’ booths. Equipped with a postcard received at the entrance, each student could collect stamps by completing games at different booths. When all six stamps of different colors were collected, students could take part in a lucky draw to win prizes at the destination. The absorbing rule attracted many students to participate, and the associations also revealed their strong points through various games.

Students playing games at the booth

Postcard with the stamps

Members of the Chunying Poetry Association changed into traditional Chinese costumes, recited Chinese poetry, and invited students to complete the pitch-pot game (played by ancient Chinese at a banquet, in which the participants threw arrows into a pot), providing students with a valuable opportunity to deeply experience traditional Chinese culture.

Cross talk, a folk art of talking and singing, is a form of art performance derived from life. Members of the Comic Dialogue and Feuilleton Association performed impromptu performances immersing students in an amusing atmosphere.

Crosstalk performance

In addition to these performances with traditional Chinese wisdom of words, a feast for the ears was also displayed, with the sounds of autumn emerging from musical instruments. The flute was desolate as if telling the sadness of leaving people, and the sound of the guitar was crisp and flexible, hinting at a beautiful countryside scene. Riding on the refreshing melodies, students were charmed despite the bustle.

Flute performance

Students playing the guitar

In the center of the playground were exhibition boards displaying the works of student associations. From calligraphy works and ink and wash landscape painting to photography art, the exhibition displayed the achievements of excellent student associations and the diverse campus culture at WHU. Most interestingly, the display boards were arranged into the characters of WHU2022.

The view of the playground

The “Pageant of a Hundred Associations” fully demonstrated the colorful and unique club culture of WHU and provided a large platform for students to integrate into the university’s exciting campus life.

Photo by Peng Zhuo & Xu Yirui

Edited by Li Tong, Li Jing, Zou Ziqing, Sylvia, Xi Bingqing


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