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A ray of sunshine in late autumn: Qiuyang Mental Health Knowledge Contest
Author:Xu Yirui& Wang Yihan  Date:2023-04-13  Clicks:

A ray of sunshine penetrating the cold air of late autumn reminds people of warmth and happiness. This is the same feeling some students from Wuhan University (WHU) intended to bring to their peers by organizing and participating in the Qiuyang Mental Health Knowledge Contest.

Organized by the WHU Mental Health Association, this event calls on students to devise solutions to the mental health problems prevalent on campus. It boasts a long tradition and this time marks its 22nd year. The competition has an online preliminary round and a final round. Contestants in the preliminary round are required to submit a performance plan focused on mental health challenges such as peer pressure, anxiety, and personal relationships. Finalists will present their prepared role play and compete in the buzzer round. This year, following a half-month long preliminary competition, six teams reached the finals on March 12.


The opening ceremony of the final round

The ultimate goal of this contest is to unmask the seemingly scary disguise of mental health problems and encourage students to face their mental problems frankly by engaging in humorous and relaxing activities. It is important for students to understand that having mental pressure or even psychiatric illness is not something to be ashamed of, said Yang Bowen, one of the main organizers, Be brave to share theri own experience, be glad to learn, and be active in self-healing is our final goal in popularizing psychological knowledge.


Psychologists are special guests invited to assure the professionalism of the contest

To solve the most perplexing mental problems, participants are required to demonstrate selected topics in a scientifically accurate and interesting way while showing their relationship with campus life. . We pay special attention to this principle when selecting the finalists in the preliminary round, said Yang, while it is also important that the use of rigorously argued scientific theories by contestants in presentations resonate with the audience, . Only when students grasp the real scientific principles behind mental health problems can they make appropriate responses.Accordingly, each team addressed their unique mental health challenge, like stress or an increasing number of all-nighters, and shared their coping strategies, all of which effectively demonstrated the importance of resonance.

The core concept of the competition also strikes a chord with participants. Our team decided to present a story about a people-pleaser, whose letter is read in the ‘listener mail’ segment of a radio program, said Yang Le, a team leader in the final round. “During our preparations for the contest, we learned a lot about psychology and gained a deeper understanding of psychological problems that often occur in our lives. We pulled out all stops for this competition and got third place, which is something we are proud of. I am one hundred percent sure that I will explore the field of psychology further.


A scene from the light-hearted round in the finals where participants have fun

Even though students may no longer be bothered by the lack of daily necessities, a prosperous life is not necessarily a rosy life. Problems such as peer pressure, insomnia and pre-test anxiety are obstacles that may hinder students’ comprehensive development. Focusing on the psychological well-being of college students reflects an advanced approach to talent cultivation. Apart from the knowledge contest, WHU takes other measures to strengthen psychological education, such as phychological and a book exhibition about mental health.

A well-rounded person is not a warrior with continual high morale but an ordinary person with the power to diagnose and soothe himself when faced with pressure. This is the reason why the Qiuyang Mental Health Knowledge Contest is held year after year, bringing a ray of sunshine to the heart of every student of WHU in every cold autumn.

Photo by Lin Yangjie

Edited by Zhang Jing, Li Jing, Zhang Yilin


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